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30 January 2019

Motortec Automechanika 2019 stands with service station safety: ITC MI IP 04 regulations

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Within the industry conference scheduled for the 13 March 2019, during MOTORTEC AUTOMECHANIKA MADRID, the reference Trade Fair for the post-sales sector and service stations, there will be a block of three presentations focusing on everything pertaining to safety and regulations for service stations. The event will take place within the 15th edition of Spain’s Leading International Trade Fair for the Automotive Industry, organised by IFEMA to be held from the 13 to 16 March 2019, at Feria de Madrid (Room A-7, Hall 7, at 10:45 am).

Rosa Sánchez, Director of Bequinor, National Association for Normalisation of Capital Goods and Industrial Safety, will act as moderator for the conference and will introduce this first block, with the participation of three speakers, experts in the recently implemented ITC MI IP 04 regulation.

The first speech, by Emilio Almazán Moro, Head of Service of the General Sub-Directorate for Quality and Industrial Safety of the Ministry of Industry, Business and Tourism, will focus on the main aspects of the regulation: “The technical guide to ITC MI IP 04. Main aspects”

Pedro García Fernández, Head of the Department for Industrial Inspection and Control of the General Directorate of Industry, Energy and Mines of the Community of Madrid, will then talk about the application of the Technical Guide in the Community of Madrid, with the title: “The technical guide to ITC MI IP 04. Application in the Community of Madrid”

To close the block dedicated to the new regulation, Marceliano Herrero Sinovas, Industrial Technical Engineer with ample experience, creator and tutor of the course “Installations Course for provision for vehicles, R.D. 706/2017 MI IP 04; design and inspection”, will talk about the technical guide: “The technical guide to ITC MI IP 04. Retroactive aspects”.

Bequinor has ample experience as collaborator, manager and trainer within the industrial safety sector and was appointed by MOTORTEC AUTOMECHANIKA MADRID as moderator and conductor of the conference: “The main challenges faced by service stations”. 

Access and participation are free, prior registration through the website set up by MOTORTEC AUTOMECHANIKA MADRID, or through the Marketing and Communication department of Lafon España, advisor and member of the Motortec Automechanika 2019 Organising Committee. 

Further information:

Jorge Jiménez Suárez / JP ; Marketing&Comunicación /

Tel: 34 627 685 416 

About Bequinor

BEQUINOR (National Association for Normalisation of Capital Goods and Industrial Safety) is a not-for-profit association with over 50 years of history at the service of Industrial Safety, the main pillars of which are technical regulation, normalisation and training. Its work is mainly technical, collaborating with the Government on the production and amendment of technical safety regulations and training professionals with the aim to improve safety in industrial processes and to thus minimise risks to people, to the environment and to facilities. It is also the Technical Secretariat for the normalisation of industrial capital goods, pressure equipment, chemical product storage and regulatory inspection of chemical product storage.

Specifically, in the aspects pertaining to the regulation of petrol facilities, BEQUINOR coordinates a technical Commission that currently takes care of the analysis and exchange of information regarding questions on the interpretation of the new ITC. Among its members, BEQUINOR has industry experts with technical specialisation in different areas, however, all of them are affected by this regulation. The expert knowledge held by BEQUINOR companies is an asset that is valued and taken into consideration by the Government. The Technical Commission on Petrol Facilities is a forum comprised of BEQUINOR members, but it is open to listening to other industry agents who are interested in contributing with their knowledge and experience.

Within the scope of sector normalisation, BEQUINOR acts as Secretariat for the Committees: CTN 62/SC5 Tanks and deposits (except LPG) and CTN 109 Safety in the storage, handling and processes with chemical products, competent on many of the rules cited within the regulations on petrol facilities, among others, those pertaining to the manufacture and installation of tanks, leak detection systems and equipment for service stations.

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