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01 February 2019

MOMAD strengthens its commitment to Sustainable Fashion, with the increasing participation of well-established companies

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The success of the specialised Sustainable Experience area can be seen from the growing space requested by exhibitors for their stands.

Sustainability based on innovation, technology and entrepreneurship will be the common thread of the extensive programme of presentations and workshops.

Momad, Fashion in Madrid, is strengthening its commitment to Sustainable Fashion. Well-established companies from this market segment will be brought together in the Sustainable Experience space at the next fair, from 8 to 10 February 2019 at IFEMA-Feria de Madrid. They are widely considered to be benchmarks in this sector and are committed to environmentally friendly manufacturing, while fulfilling responsible social and economic criteria. The sectors represented in this area will be women, men, children, footwear, leather goods, toiletries, jewellery, accessories, glasses, watches and related industries.

In this space, it will be possible to see products from the following companies: Hammerhoj, Skbags & Gifts, Anuscas Family, Root Sunglasses & Watches, Intiferreira, Suela, Ray Musgo, Beatriz Constan, Coeli, Original Art, Susana Álvarez Berlín, Tadoro Tuduri, Blue Dolls, Castor Sunglasses, Coba Complements, Gogopower, Nehcaa, Star Love, One Oak, D The Brand and El Naturalista.

In addition, the popularity of the Sustainable Experience space at Momad can be seen in the increased area requested by exhibitors for their stands, which also confirms the growing demand for this fashion sector from national and international markets. At this fair, around thirty companies will take part, in line with the last time the fair was held.

The significant participation in the Sustainable Experience space consolidates the position of Momad, which is organised by IFEMA, as one of the major fashion trade shows on the international calendar, and places special emphasis on the specific needs of the current market. The Sustainable Fashion Associations of Spain (AMSE), Murcia (MSM) and Madrid (MSMAD) will display the work carried out by their associates and will share their knowledge. Furthermore, this space will also feature the Slow Fashion Next training platform; the INESCOP technology centre; Luxiders Magazine, the German magazine specialising in Sustainable Fashion, published in 3 languages; and the Spanish publications Gansos Salvajes, specialising in responsible lifestyle, and ETHIC, aimed at companies and the environment with a specialised fashion section.

Sustainability and innovation

Sustainability based on innovation, technology and entrepreneurship will be the theme of the comprehensive programme of presentations on Sustainable Fashion to be held on Saturday 9 February at the MOMAD Forum. Ana Belén Muñoz, from INESCOP, and Maribel Martínez Vergara, from the La Rioja Footwear Technology Centre (CTCR), will present a talk entitled Terminology and Differences Between Fur, Leather, Vegan Materials and Synthetic Materials, which will explain all the details related to this topic. Blanca Gómara, from BE2FABRIC, and Santiago Martínez Losa, from MERAKII, will discuss showrooms with added value. Belvis Soler, from Luxiders; Laura Hortal, from Gansos Salvajes and Pablo Blázquez, from Ethic, will focus on new consumers and new companies; more responsible attitudes and concepts.

The presentation given by Ignasi Eiriz, from Ethical Time, and Marisa Fatás, from Kalon Madrid will focus on entrepreneurs and responsible projects, innovation, technology and culture. In addition, Paloma García, from the Madrid-based Sustainable Fashion Association, will explain the work carried out by MSMAD's associated brands, and Luz Rodríguez, from Nehcaa Jewelry, and Guillermo Íñiguez, from One Oak, will cover sustainable jewellery and accessories.

Marina López, from the Spanish Sustainable Fashion Association, will discuss where clothing goes when it is thrown away in the presentation entitled The Problem of Textile Waste: Where Will Our Clothes End Up? Paula Gorini, from the Sustainable Fashion Association in Murcia will present Ecodesign, Circular Economy and Their Application to the Fashion Industry. Gema Gómez, from Slow Fashion Next, will give 20 to ideas to lead the future of fashion. Another presentation by an expert from the company Jeanología will also be given.

During Momad, two sustainable fabrics workshops will also be given at the B2 Fabric stand (Friday 8 at 5 pm and Sunday 10 at 11 am). In addition, Sustainable Experience will also have a green working space, where participating companies can interact, offer or request their needs in the field of sustainable fashion.

Additionally, the Sustainable Experience space will have a Green Coffee café, where visitors to the fair can enjoy healthy food and drinks.

Sustainable backpacks at Momad

One more example of Momad's growing commitment to Sustainability are the backpacks for this year’s fair for buyers and the accredited press, made from a fabric using recycled PET plastic bottles. It takes 35 PET plastic bottles to make 1 kg of fabric. Thanks to recycling, the extraction of non-renewable virgin materials is avoided, energy consumption is reduced by between 80 and 90 por ciento and there is less pollution.