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20 January 2019


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The most complicated skill is to be ... simple!!! Coco Chanel

With this collection Retro Junkee is redefined, as a Greek design company that its products can be 
worn in the island as well in the city area.
Clothing, turbans and head bands from cotton fabric 100 por ciento in off white and black shades. The classic 
tshirt fabric is combined with  traces, multicoloured ribbons, pom poms, but also handmade tangled 
jewelry.  The result is a … unique Βοho chic statement!!!
Long maxi dresses, kaftans, shorter dresses, jumpsuits, rombers, salwar, shorts, tshirts/dresses, tops, 
turbans, head bands etc.  But also, for the first time creates turbans, head bands but also 3 dresses in 
its own print patterns having as a canvas the classic  cotton fabric used in all its clothing production. 
Blue or b/w waves, meanders, jungle spirit, alternative leopar, stripes, chuckles mixed with flowers in a 
colour coat of arms..  
On the other hand, a complete turn off is in progress regarding hats, upgrading their quality. Great 
emphasis is  given in 2colours or total colourful type panama hats and creates also from the same 
material the big big floppy hat in ivory or beige colour.  Also, RJ brings from Equador the original straw
material with  the stamp of genuine panama hat but they all are made in Greece. All its hats are 
handcrafted in a traditional Greek headwear lab.  The genuine Panama hats are manufactured in smaller
Panama shape, or in bigger rural ones plain or with tailor made ribbons with its prints the same with its 
Turbans & headbands tied beneath the jaw as a bow.  At the end, we have the fisherman hat with 
straw fringes on the ending all over the hat!!!
Inspiration comes from every day life, Greek culture and summer and of course every day’s art.
Sea-mpli-city  is not a style, it is a state of harmony!!! This harmony is the one that RJ tries to succeed 
with this collection. Nature’s balance and internal one. Within the city but of course all over the country 
excursions!!! Sea-mpli-city is always within you!