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18 January 2019

New collection

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inti ferreira launches the new Winter Collection “SLOW MOTION COMFORT IN GREEN SHAPE”

We are excited to launch the new Autumn / Winter Collection "SLOW MOTION COMFORT IN GREEN SHAPE"
The cold season has always been associated with a change in motion, a slowdown. The focus moves from the outward and to the inward. Nature and people come to rest, gathering strength and refilling their reserves. Despite its silence, winter holds a highly creative power. With this col-lection, we celebrate tranquility and comfort and express it through craftsmanship and tailoring at the highest level. The designs of this collection are all about harmony and alignment with the rhythm of nature. Com-fort and elegance balance each other. Subtlety is expressed through imaginative craftsmanship and skilful sophistication. Light overcuts and discreet fullness are important parameters for this col-lection’s topicality. Keywords for this collection are body-aware, beautiful and ethically correct. With sustainable fash-ion know-how and respect for people and the environment, Slow Motion Comfort in Green Shape embodies the values of inti ferreira unconditionally. Soft eco-fabrics, as well as inventive solutions for a better well-being make this collection perfect for creative and fashion-conscious ide-alists, who know that Green Fashion has come to stay.
ABOUT INTI FERREIRA Founded in 2007, inti ferreira creates fashion that is made exclusively from sustainable and supe-rior materials. This fair fashion brand, headquartered in The Hague, The Netherlands, also stands for high-quality workmanship, sophisticated cuts and longevity. The 100 por ciento handcrafted designs are made with world-conscious and progressive women in mind.
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