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27 September 2019

The September 2019 Momad further established the trade fair as a commercial forum covering both national and international fashion trends

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The IFEMA Madrid-organised trade fair received 15,200 visitors and featured 800 exhibiting brands from 37 countries.

Momad has further established its prominence as the commercial and fashion trends event on the Iberian Peninsula, demonstrating its commitment to quality, innovation and foreign markets. The IFEMA-organised trade fair, which was visited by 15,200 professionals, held its second event of the year from 12 to 14 September.

The busy event took place within an excellent commercial environment thanks to the large number of participants. Its broad international presence was reflected by total of 800 brands, with firms and professionals from 37 countries attending. The international guest programme contributed to Momad's dynamic appeal, attracting 44 decision-making buyers from 21 countries.

The response to the change in the dates, with the start of the fair on Thursday and its end on Saturday, was a success. Thursday was a very productive day, with exhibitors able to manage their business relationships in a more relaxed way.

The digitising of the fair, through its own social media channels, allowed the fair's community to expand, adding Momad to the digital conversation within the sector.

Swimwear and Lingerie had the largest exhibition space and greater visibility for companies specialising in this sector. The fair also strengthened its commitment to sustainable fashion through its specialist Sustainable Experience area and with the dedication of a full day – Green Saturday – to sustainability.

As a complement and in parallel to the commercial activity, the Momad Forum included an extensive programme of presentations. In these seminars, keys and strategies to boost business were analysed, as was the importance of sustainability.

The Momad Catwalk fashion show also held an extensive and successful programme of parades, as well as a series of training activities, workshops and other events, all of which were very well attended.