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01 June 2023

LIBER 2023 invites 624 Buyers and Selling Advisors from 63 countries to boost publishing business meetings

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LIBER will be held from 4 to 6 October at the Recinto Ferial de Madrid.

IFEMA MADRID and the Federation of Spanish Publishers' Guilds (FGEE), in collaboration with various institutions, have selected these key professionals from the book market to participate in business meetings with exhibitors at the upcoming International Book Fair. LIBER will be held from 4 to 6 October at the Madrid Exhibition Centre

Once again, companies participating in the International Book Fair, LIBER 2023, will have the opportunity to develop business contacts to boost the presence of their books in foreign markets. All this thanks to the launch of the Buyers' Programme which, as on every occasion, is promoted by the Spanish Publishers' Federation (FGEE) at the suggestion of the more than 800 publishers who are members of the different member guilds and associations and the Spanish Economic and Commercial Offices abroad, with the aim of boosting sales in the foreign market of the companies exhibiting at the fair, most of which are publishers from all over Spain.

The profile of the guests includes importers, distributors, booksellers, rights buyers, as well as heads of public bodies and libraries, literary agents, university professors, publishers and journalists. This year, more than 600 professionals from 63 countries have been selected, mainly from the two geographical areas that account for the bulk of exports: Europe (29 countries) and Latin America (21 countries), as well as the USA and Canada. Buyers have also been selected from 10 other preferential markets such as Australia, China, South Korea, Egypt, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Morocco, Singapore, Taiwan and Turkey.

In parallel, LIBER is organising a Selling Advisors of Priority Interest Programme (PICE), focused on librarians, publishing agents, university professors, publishers, journalists and heads of public bodies, which will bring to Madrid 55 book professionals from more than 29 countries from all over the world with the capacity to advise, make decisions and/or purchase Spanish books.


LIBER 2023 also has a Reverse Mission of State Librarians, organised by ICEX in collaboration with the Economic and Commercial Office of Spain in Miami and the FGEE itself, through which more than 30 people responsible for deciding or recommending the purchase of books in Spanish in public libraries in the USA have been invited.

The announcement of the Buyers Programme, the Selling Advisors of Priority Interest Programme (PICE) and the US Librarians Programme in Liber 2023 is possible thanks to the collaboration of the Ministry of Culture and Sport; the Economic and Commercial Offices Abroad of the Secretariat of State for Trade; ICEX Spain Export and Investment; the Spanish Centre for Reprographic Rights (CEDRO), Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) and the Regional Government of Madrid.

In 2021 (the latest year for which a report is available) the value of foreign sales in the book sector was 388.90 million Euro, according to data from the Association of Spanish Book Chambers. Of this, 345.02 million Euro were for products from publishing houses. The main countries to which Spanish exports were directed were Mexico, France, Argentina, Italy, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Chile and the USA, among others.