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12 June 2017


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Organised by IFEMA and promoted by the FGEE, this event is set to take place from 4 to 6 October in Hall 14 at Feria de Madrid

Argentina will be guest of honour at the forthcoming edition of LIBER, the International Book Fair, which is organised  by  IFEMA and promoted by the Spanish Publishers Association, FGEE and will be held in Madrid from 4 to 6 October. 

Argentina will have a very large presence at the Fair with hundreds of books, albums and publishers' catalogues, which will serve to paint a picture of what is happening these days in contemporary Argentinian culture. LIBER will be attended by around 30 authors, more than 20 Argentinian publishers and representatives from the Ministry of Culture, the body that has taken on the responsibility of working hard so that attendance at the Fair can be a success in terms of sales and business contacts.

Argentina's main aim at LIBER will be to encourage the growth of national publishers at international gatherings; strengthen the Argentinian presence at one of Europe's most important publishing fairs; intensify the cooperation links between the two countries, and increase the circulation of Argentinian literature on the world market. 

Attendance comes complete with a parallel programme including talks, interviews and readings from the Argentinian authors taking part, with Spanish authors and publishers. Argentinian and Spanish readers have always been linked by literature and the Ministry of Culture considers this to be a very special occasion to emphasise this union and strengthen cultural exchange.

Argentina with its rich and varied cultural heritage will be the star of the next edition of the International Book Fair. Its presence as guest of honour represents a unique opportunity to create closer ties, consolidate agreements and promote and introduce Argentinian publishing not just to Spanish publishers but also to readers in Spain. This programme represents an excellent platform for the dissemination and promotion of Argentinian books through the presence of distinguished authors and publishers as well as institutions. Argentina's presence is backed up not only by its cultural traditions but also by the vitality of its publishing market.

LIBER is celebrating its 35 birthday established as the leading show dedicated to books written in the Spanish language and as the major centre of business and exchange for professionals in the sector. With an expected attendance of over 320 businesses, the next event will offer a very extensive showcase of current publishing output. Alongside the offerings from the major publishing houses, the Fair will also be hosting an interesting parallel programme of professional activities, bringing together personalities from the publishing sector and providing an opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences on the most topical issues. 

LIBER 2017 is sponsored by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, ICEX, the Community of Madrid, Madrid City Council and Cedro, in collaboration with the Madrid Publishers Association and AC/E.