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16 March 2023

Global Mobility Call will be the platform for achieving Net Zero

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The second edition of this key international event will provide major networking and business opportunities for sectors working with sustainable mobility.

In the framework of the Global Mobility Call, electrification and alternative energies that contribute to sustainable mobility will be some of the solutions analysed by the professionals and key players in companies that are working towards a decarbonised future (“Net Zero”) for their processes.

IFEMA MADRID and Smobhub are organising the Global Mobility Call, from 12 to 14 September, structured into two segments: GMC Congress, where business leaders, institutions and experts in mobility will converge; and GMC Expo, a space for fostering cross-sector relations between companies, institutions, associations and experts, presenting the latest developments in each sector.

In both spaces, the energy sector will have a platform to interact with national and international experts and representatives from public entities. They will get a first-hand look at the work driving this sector, particularly technological development and innovation.

They will discuss how renewable energies will become the basis for more sustainable transport, with the development of electric vehicles, new battery models, charging points and infrastructures, which are already play a fundamental part in transforming mobility. This is the area that has made the most progress.

Efforts are also being undertaken to drive Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) production in both energy companies and airlines, and tests are being carried out on short- and medium-haul flights.

There are other alternatives such as green hydrogen and biofuels, which some business alliances are already using with the support of public entities in several countries, but in some cases, these processes require more progress, infrastructure and business development. The drive for these alternatives is being pursued in land, air and sea transport.

In addition to public-private collaboration, business and government representatives have realised that this process also requires rules and regulations to secure funding for technology development projects and to make them feasible and stable.

In this context, Global Mobility Call will be a platform for bringing together and connecting players in this cross-sector development, as well as experts and professionals who are contributing to these efforts to achieve innovative and sustainable mobility.