What is Global Mobility Call?

It is the only World Congress + Expo on Sustainable Mobility of People and Goods that connects all industries and stakeholders through its transversal and holistic approach to Mobility.

Global Mobility Call was conceived to promote collaboration between companies and generate public-private partnerships that contribute to the development of the new Sustainable Mobility in cities and rural areas.

Connect 15 business sectors and the different levels of management creating new business opportunities and enriching networking through GMC Expo and its influential and inspiring international congress.

A global event with 2 main areas


With the main world leaders, business references, CEOs, founders and great influencers belonging to various sectors that make GMC a holistic and integrating event.

The content that will point the way forward for the coming years and for generations to come.

Global Mobility Call 2023 will feature:

  • The MAIN AUDITORIUM with a high-level strategic agenda
  • 3 AGORAS of debate around 7 different content itineraries
  • Unique spaces for Innovation and Talent
  • Speaker Corners and a Business Forum

Take part in the Congress

Take part in the Congress


It is part of the largest showcase and meeting point on sustainable mobility.

A space focused on networking and the creation of new opportunities.

Fostering public-private collaboration

The Exhibition will revolve around 13 business sectors.

Take part in the Exhibition

Take part in the Exhibition
People at the networking area

The largest networking and business space

Global Mobility Call promotes the development of new multi-sectorial relationships between Companies, Institutions and Public Administrations through multiple networking opportunities, involving the main national and international leaders of the different business areas.

Global Mobility Call offers you:

  • One to one meetings with CEO's of leading companies in the sector and decision makers.
  • Coffee Networking with exhibitors, participants in Talks and round tables and Top Speakers.
  • A Networking area where you can generate new opportunities and business relationships with new clients and high-level alliances.
  • Participate in new public-private investment projects.
  • Business centers and specific networking areas that you can reserve to hold your private meetings.
  • The largest digital platform and GMC Community to increase your client network.

Leading the discourse

6 itineraries to content leadership, challenges and solutions of sustainable mobility will be led.

This was GMC 2023

This was GMC 2023

Welcome to Global Mobility Call, the leading fair in the sustainable mobility sector!

At this event, we gather a wide range of key actors who share an interest in the evolution of mobility from a sustainable perspective. If you belong to the following categories of interest, you cannot miss this unique opportunity:

Associations, Organizations, and Administrations

Discover how policies and regulations are shaping sustainable mobility

Automotive and Mobility Services

Explore the latest innovations in vehicles and services that drive sustainable mobility

Energy for Sustainable Mobility

Learn about energy solutions that support greener mobility

IoT Mobility Infrastructure

Discover how connectivity is transforming the way we move

Data Analytics and Cybersecurity

Learn about technologies that make sustainable mobility safer and more efficient

Logistics and Freight Distribution

Explore solutions that are revolutionizing logistics and distribution

Aerospace and Maritime Mobility

Dive into trends affecting sustainable air and maritime transportation

Safe, Inclusive, and Accessible Mobility

Discover how mobility can be safe and accessible for everyone

Land Mobility

Get to know the latest developments in sustainable land vehicles

Specialized Press

Stay updated on the latest news and developments in sustainable mobility

Mobility Services

Explore innovative mobility solutions that are changing the way we get around

Smart Urban & Rural Mobility

Discover how cities and rural areas are embracing smart mobility

Sustainability and Environment

Learn about initiatives and technologies that are protecting our planet

Public Transportation and Multimodal Urban Mobility

Explore public transportation options and mobility solutions in urban environments

At Global Mobility Call, we offer you the opportunity to connect with experts from around the world and explore the latest trends and solutions in sustainable mobility. Join us and be a part of the sustainable mobility revolution!