The Only World Congress on Sustainable Mobility

Global Mobility Call will have various spaces for content generation, networking and knowledge.

Welcoming the main world leaders, business leaders, CEOs, founders and major influencers belonging to various sectors making GMC a holistic and inclusive event.

There will be content that will point the way forward for the coming years and for generations to come.

Be part of the discourse that leads sustainable mobility!

Leading the discourse

6 itineraries to content leadership, challenges and solutions of sustainable mobility will be led.

Participate in the Congress and the contents

Global Partner
Main Itinerary Partner
Connected Partner

Global Partner: Reputation and leadership

Lead the ecosystem of Sustainable Mobility from the AUDITORIUM and with a privileged location in the exhibition

Main Itinerary Partner: Influence and positioning

The protagonist of a key theme of mobility throughout the event through the sponsorship of one of the 8 content itineraries and with an excellent location in the exhibition.

Connected Partner: Knowledge and Networking

Position yourself as the referent of a specific topic within an itinerary in one of the agoras and complement your networking in the exhibition

Discover the Congress

Content and knowledge generation spaces

Conference at Main auditorium

Main Auditorium

It will host world leaders, business leaders, CEOs, Founders and great influencers who will be able to give their Talks offering visitors their vision, experience and know-how.

Where the leaders of the future will be able to obtain an enriching and innovative knowledge for their companies, as well as relate and generate networking

Conference at Agora


There will be 3 Agoras that will be spaces for debate and knowledge with a transversal approach to mobility.

In the Agoras will participate business leaders, academics and expert institutions in what will be discussed and discussed about the 8 content itineraries


Other ways to achieve your goals

  • Business Forum: Space for personalized events where you can celebrate your own commercial or corporate event taking advantage of all the media and professional coverage.
  • Speaker Corner: Ideal setting to expose your projects and value propositions in an open and freely accessible space where all professional visitors can go.

Take part as a Partner