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17 February 2023

Global Mobility Call is to be the meeting point to bring together all sustainable multimodal mobility services

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The Expo space, within the Global Mobility Call, will connect the creation of opportunities with new business opportunities offered by companies related to sustainable mobility.

Global Mobility Call, the great platform for sustainable mobility will hold its second edition from 12 to 14 September 2023 at IFEMA MADRID, with the focus placed on encouraging new agreements to improve sustainable multimodal mobility services and include sectors such as transport, industry, infrastructures, and technological development among others.

This new edition of Global Mobility Call introduces two new areas: the GMC Congress, including all business leaders, institutions and mobility experts and the GMC Expo, the space in which the latest advances in sustainable mobility are displayed, as well as new services and innovative products.

In this new block, participants from the areas of micro-mobility, urban mobility and sharing will find opportunities for brand positioning, contacting or strengthening relationships with vehicle suppliers, auxiliary service companies, public administration and potential customers.

The companies in these sectors, the participation of town councils is of great interest with view to the development of new paths for expansion and the interest in participating in future public tenders for projects that promote sustainable mobility. The event will also provide an opportunity to discover areas such as the ancillary industry, mobility apps, charging infrastructures and new technologies applied to mobility services, connecting providers of these services with the end customer.

For all these reasons, Global Mobility Call Expo is an opportunity to make contact with companies in the same sector, manufacturers, entrepreneurs and public management operators, thus generating the business ecosystem that allows you to develop mobility projects of the future.

The Expo space is made up of the 13 main areas of sustainable mobility: Automotive. Energy for Sustainable Mobility. Smart Urban & Rural Mobility. Public Transport and Urban Mobility. IOT: Data Analytics and Cybersecurity. Aerospace Mobility. Land Mobility. Maritime Mobility. Logistics and Freight Distribution Infrastructure for Mobility. Secure, Inclusive and Accessible Mobility. Sustainability and the Environment. Mobility Services.

Identify with your sector and participate in the 2nd edition of Global Mobility Call here.

The fair is organised by IFEMA MADRID and Smobhub under the auspices of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and the Urban Agenda (Mitma), in an environment of opportunity for development and business investment brought about by the NextGenerationEU funds, the biggest stimulus package ever seen in Europe, and the European Green Deal, and the roadmap to make Europe the first carbon neutral continent by 2050.