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19 March 2024

Global Mobility Call, the largest sustainable mobility event, will hold its 3rd edition from 19 to 21 November.

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With a combined conference and exhibition format, GMC offers the most advanced opportunities and solutions for sustainable mobility development to public and private agents.

Global Mobility Call, the international platform leading the sustainable mobility of the future, will hold its third edition from 19 to 21 November 2024, organised by IFEMA MADRID and Smobhub. The aim is to become the sector’s benchmark once again for the industries and the different public and private actors forming part of the framework that today drives projects, strategies and developments aimed at managing the sustainable movement of people and goods.

The GMC joint Conference and Exhibition format will once again be the main window of opportunities, proposals and innovative solutions to the challenges posed by the development of sustainable mobility, concentrating the participation of the leading firms in each of the sectors involved, and exchanging information, experiences and knowledge between sector leaders, as well as sharing and participating in the highest network of business contacts.

In 2023, the GMC Congress section closed with 8,000 attendees from 37 countries and nearly 10,000 people followed the event on its LiveConnect digital platform. In total, more than 120 round tables of the sector and conferences were held with the participation of more than 500 speakers, 40% of whom were international, including professionals, public representatives and CEOs of large national and international companies.

To achieve these objectives, GMC is once again supported by the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and the Urban Agenda, with the collaboration of the Community of Madrid and Madrid City Council. It will also count on the participation of major partners, including companies and public bodies, as well as Spanish and international sectoral associations.

With this solid institutional support, a boost is given to the creation of a multi-sectoral and cross-sectional platform that enables the promotion of contact networks for the development of business, future alliances, investment opportunities and the generation of greater knowledge on the development of sustainable mobility.

In its last edition, the Congress, amongst many topics, addressed the issues of the role of electrification and other alternative fuels in decarbonisation, transport multimodality, new infrastructures, alongside innovation, digitalisation and new technologies in the development of mobility, among other topics.

The GMC Expo segment was attended by 104 exhibiting companies (76% more than in 2022), in what was the largest meeting point and promotion of public-private collaboration amongst public administrations and the business sector. In addition, innovative products and solutions for the development of sustainable mobility and road safety were presented.

About Global Mobility Call (GMC)

Organised by IFEMA MADRID and Smobhub, with the support and sponsorship of the Spanish Ministry of Transport, Mobility and the Urban Agenda, the Global Mobility Call was established in 2022 as a strategic event to make Spain the international hub of sustainable mobility in the context of the post-pandemic recovery. It was established in an environment for the development of business opportunities and investment fostered by EU Next Generation funds, the largest stimulus ever seen in Europe, and the European Green Deal, the roadmap to make Europe the first carbon-neutral continent by 2050. With its global vision, the third edition of GMC will bring together leaders from every sector involved in mobility in the Recinto Ferial de Madrid from 19 to 21 November 2024 to share their vision of development policies and business initiatives for sustainable mobility.