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The success of Estampa

The 28th edition of the contemporary art fair ESTAMPA ended with a large attendance of collectors, professionals, media and public, leaving a very satisfactory result among its galleries and professionals both for its sales and for the dissemination of their projects, which will now have their continuity in ESTAMPA DIGITAL.

The vast majority of the sales made during the Fair corresponded to works by artists represented by the galleries, with mid-career artists who live and work in our country being the most appreciated by both public and private collectors. The second market almost disappeared at Estampa and there was a considerable increase in the number of international artists represented by our galleries.

Two weeks after the closing of the April 2021 edition, we have asked the galleries that have participated in the fair this year to send us their list of artists sold at the 28th edition of Estampa. We asked them for a list only with the names of the artists with sales closed during the fair and in the days immediately after, leaving the medium and long term operations and negotiations out of our analysis of the data.

Attached is a document with this list, which yields a result of 197 names of artists that their galleries have incorporated during the four days of the fair into the same number of public and private collections in our country, and also into the collections of the international programme.

From this list of artists, with their date and place of birth, we have drawn some conclusions that we think help to define and focus the fair and its immediate meaning and scope in its most commercial facet with greater precision.

Sold Artists List April 2021

Guest Artist

Ángela de la Cruz (A Coruña, 1965), guest artist of the last edition, made an exhibition with a series of paintings made specifically for the fair. This artist was awarded in 2017 with the National Prize for Plastic Arts, was also the protagonist of one of the forums, directed by Fernando Castro Flórez, on the renewal and transgression in Spanish painting.

General Programme

The General Programme stands out both for the level of the participating galleries and for the interest of the projects presented. It is worth mentioning, among others, galleries and projects such as those of Juana de Aizpuru (Madrid), Moisés Pérez de Albéniz (Madrid), Max Estrella (Madrid), Fernando Pradilla (Madrid), Leyendecker (Tenerife), Alvaro Alcazar (Madrid), ArtNueve (Murcia), Aural (Alicante/Madrid), Rafael Pérez Hernando (Madrid), Espacio Bernal (Madrid/ Bogotá), Yusto/Giner (Málaga).

Curatorial Programme

The edition of ESTAMPA APRIL 2021 stood out, among other aspects, for having the curatorial programme Diálogos Generacionales, put together by the curator Alicia Ventura, with the participation of the gallery Alarcón Criado (Seville), T20 (Murcia), The Ryder (Madrid), Ponce + Robles (Madrid), Rosa Santos (Valencia). The curator spoke of "the normal coexistence of different generations in the same art gallery as the most common practice nowadays. The feedback of some artists in a bidirectional way that, without a doubt, enriches the exhibition proposal in the Spanish gallery scene".

Acquisition Awards

The acquisition prizes awarded at Estampa April 2021 are another of the highlights of this year's edition in terms of their size and importance. As in previous editions, they will be awarded during the fair: Estampa 2021 Best Stand Award - José de la Mano Gallery, Comunidad de Madrid-ESTAMPA Award - Ixone Sadaba in ATM Gallery, DKV Collection Awards - Marina Vargas in Llamazares Gallery and Álvaro Albaladejo in Artnueve Gallery, Campocerrado Collection Award - Juan Baraja in Espacio Líquido, Kells Collection Prize - David Martínez Suárez in ATM gallery, Casa de Indias Collection Prize - Mercedes Pimiento in Alarcón Criado gallery, MGEC Prize, awarded by the Museum of Spanish Engraving - Concha Jerez and José Iges in Aural Gallery, Candela A. Soldevilla Collection Prize - Nadia Barrera in Aural Gallery, Candela A. Soldevilla - Nadia Barkate at Moisés Pérez de Albéniz gallery, Premio Cervezas Alhambra - Ben Callaway at Espacio Valverde, Premios Colección Navacerrada - David Benaroch at F2 gallery and Javier Pividal at Artnueve gallery.

That was Estampa's last edition