What is Estampa?


What is Estampa?

Estampa is a contemporary art fair that has been held in the autumn of Madrid for 27 years, whose scope of work is the art market in Spain, and its concern is the formation and stabilization of a sustainable collecting for a growing and updating gallery constants in our country.  The fair is organized around a General Program of large Spanish galleries and a series of programs whose curators propose the most recent contemporary art practice or focus on more experimental issues and less traveled by the general public.  

Our collectors program summons a selection of international buyers who come to Estampa every year to discover or corroborate the quality of our galleries and is completed with a program of activities focused on the exploration and review of contemporary art collecting in Spain and Portugal.

This year ESTAMPA strengthens our National and International Collectors Program, with the special invitation to private collectors, consultants and managers of collections, institutional and professional directors of the market and collectibles throughout Europe. In addition, for the third year, the program of residences and international curators will be held in the Curatorial Estampa 2020 Program, whose main objective is to effectively promote and communicate to the artists represented by our galleries.

The prizes in purchases and the residences, the meetings and professional forums, in addition to the programs of visits and relations with the public will have greater presence than in previous editions to insist on the commitment of public and private collecting, and of our professionals with the market of art in Spain.

Estampa Galleries April 2021