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“The importance of the role of meat and prepared foods in your diet”

Round table at the daily La Razón

La Razón organised a round table on the dietary importance of meat, and it was recently published in the newspaper: See full publication

For the upcoming Meat Attraction, daily newspaper La Razón organized a round table that brought together trade show director Raúl Calleja, Meat and Health Platform Communications Manager José Manuel Álvarez, Endocrinology Specialist and Sports Nutrition Professor Antonio Escribano, and Digestive System Specialist and Doctor of Cellular Biology Luis Miguel Benito from the University of Navarre.

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Under the title "The importance of the role of meat and prepared foods in your diet", participants debated the importance of meat in food. The four speakers agreed categorically on their response and affirmed that meat is a basic element in human nutrition, and that dispensing with it is a big mistake.

The experts thus took apart the false myths that have been created around a product considered fundamental in the human diet from the nutritional standpoint.






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