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More exhibition space, professional activities and experiences for everyone at VIVE LA MOTO 2020, the Great Motorcycle Show in Madrid

A powerful show that increases its surface area by 40% and that will spread across more than 45,000 m2, with the occupation of Halls 1, 3 and 5 and the outdoor area of Feria de Madrid

05 Dec 2019

VIVE LA MOTO 2020 consolidates its name using a strategic format that combines brand retailing with an appealing programme of conferences and round tables for professionals, and the star role of the test circuits, exhibits and user experiences as its key aspects

This emblematic event for the biker world, organised by IFEMA and KANDO, and promoted by ANESDOR, will be held from April 16 to 19, and is expected to surpass every previous year.

VIVE LA MOTO, the Great Motorcycle Show, takes a firm stride towards a new edition, which will take place at Feria de Madrid, from April 16 to 19, 2020. And it does so after the start of the process of awarding exhibit spaces to brands associated with ANESDOR, with a surface area that has increased by 40% to include the three halls that have been allocated to the Show on this occasion. Specifically, VIVE LA MOTO, the Great Motorcycle Show in Madrid will be held in Halls 1, 3 and 5 at the IFEMA fairgrounds and outdoor space, amounting to more than 45,000 m2 devoted to retail exhibits as well as the performance of multiple activities, chief among which will be the vehicle test circuits, with nearly 200 top-brand motorcycles made available, demonstrations and all kinds of participative experiences for visitors.

Features of Vive la Moto

The strengthening and homogeneity of VIVE LA MOTO, the only show that has both the direct involvement of the brands and the support of ANESDOR, have been essential premises for distributing spaces and have also made it possible to offer a broadly appealing Show overall, creating multiple points and spaces of interest in each of the three halls, thereby motivating visitors to stroll through the entire exhibition area.

Moreover, the growth of VIVE LA MOTO, the Great Motorcycle Show in Madrid comes as a consequence of having attained a strong identity of its own, a high degree of maturity, keeping intact its clear commercial orientation and its vocation of generating user experiences in the world of motorcycles.

The third aspect is an institutional agenda of activities aimed at the professional, with a wide program of round tables and debates on topics regarding the world of motorcycles, as well as various current issues.

With all this, the motorcycle will once again be take the starring role in IFEMA at VIVE LA MOTO, the Great Motorcycle Show in Madrid;  an event with a proposal adjusted to fit the demand and the needs of the sector, and with the support of ANESDOR that ensure full involvement of the brands.