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• Over 100 exhibitors and 500 brands will showcase their novelties throughout the 16,000 square metres of exhibition, plus the 5,000 square metres of exterior areas for vehicle testing and showing, allowing the public to enjoy the experience of living motorcycles at their best.

• The fair will combine the attraction of a commercial exhibition, offering interesting promotions and purchase options, with a full schedule of activities, shows and exhibitions, in addition to conferences and events focused on safety and mobility.

23 Mar 2018

After a long 11-year break, Madrid is again hosting one of its main and most successful and popular events. And it does so with the full backing from the industry and with the participation of the main brands on the market. VIVE LA MOTO, The Motorcycle Fair of Madrid, will be held from the 5th to the 8th of April, organised jointly by IFEMA and KANDO and sponsored by ANESDOR, the National Association of Two-Wheel Industry Companies, which represents over 96 por ciento of the two-wheel market in Spain.

This fair is one of the main new attractions of IFEMA in 2018 and, without a doubt, the most expected by motorcycle enthusiasts. The Motorcycle Fair had not been held in Madrid since 2007, and it now returns to the capital within the context of a market recovery, and with the highest expectations for success and participation. The recovery is proven by the fact that from January 2018 to the 15th March, 27,983 motorbikes (motorcycles and mopeds) were registered in Spain, which is a 29 por ciento increase over last year in the same time period.
These positive numbers also took place in the Community of Madrid, where the year began with a 23.9 por ciento positive growth in the region, with 3,384 registrations.

For José María Riaño, general secretary of ANESDOR, “this growth, both nationally and in the region of Madrid, shows that the motorcycle market has overcome the change in the European Regulations on Emissions after the Euro 4 Stage was implemented in 2017”. Riaño also said that “the upward trend in the market is also given because millions of citizens choose to use a motorbike as their regular means of transportation, mainly due to reasons of mobility, because it reduces traffic jams, and it also contributes to greatly improving air quality. In short, this data provides the best framework for an event like Vive la Moto, the Motorcycle Fair of Madrid”.

At only a few days away from its inauguration, there are already over 100 exhibitors and 500 represented brands confirmed, and they will be spread out throughout the 16,000 square metres of exhibition area, which also includes a specific area for electric mobility. Halls 12 and 14 of the Feria de Madrid will be the venue for this event, which will provide many surprises thanks to its high degree of representation and to the numerous novelties and first reveals that will take place.

A Fair of experiences
The direct involvement of the brands will be the focus and differentiating value this year, which will allow the public to get to know and admire the latest models of motorcycles, some of which have still not been seen anywhere. There will also be a wide range of dynamic and participatory activities, providing a first-hand chance to experience a motorbike in its purest form. Both beginners and experienced bikers will be able to test the 120 motorbikes and over 50 models of urban vehicles, both combustion and electrical, that will be available on the 5,000 square metres of exterior areas dedicated to test-drives, which will increase even more the popularity of this Fair.

Children also have a place, with their own Torrot Kids children’s circuit. There will be exhibitions by the stuntmen Emilio Zamora and Narcís Roca who will defy the laws of physics with various Ducati and BMW vehicles, respectively, offering five different daily shows. On the other hand test drivers Jordi Pascuet and Marcel Justribó will offer their spectacular Trialshow, where they will perform pirouettes and acrobatics at the handlebars of their Gas Gas bikes.

There will be conferences by José Antonio Fernández de Ochoa and his project Wheels4LIFE, with his travels and his Vespa as main character, or the renowned Miguel Silvestre, with the new bike that he will be using on his upcoming trips. The Fair will also have an area dedicated to women, thanks to Biker Women and the women’s committee of the Spanish Motorcycle Federation.

Professional Agenda
Visitors will find a commercial exhibition with interesting promotions and purchasing options, but professionals will also find a full agenda of activities such as discussions and workshops, among which are the talk on Evolution of the Safety elements in Motorbikes from the standpoint of the Motorcycle Racing test team; the presentation Wheels 4 Life (JAF); the lecture «Kawasaki Elementos de Seguridad» (Kawasaki Safety Elements(; the lecture Ducati «de MotoGP a motos de serie» (Ducati “from MotoGP to mass-production”), or «Formación en Primeros Auxilios» (Training in First Aid). The Fair is fully committed to training and safety, a priority for the motorcycle industry and for increasingly more users. The program also includes a Mobility Day organised jointly by the Pons Foundation and ANESDOR, as well as the General Meeting of ANESDOR.

The Fair of the stars
2018 is and will be a year full of novelties, which will be seen by the thousands of visitors to the event, where they will discover over 100 new models that will be presented for the first time in Spain by the brands, as well as several European novelties.

Motorcycle enthusiasts will be able to see ultra-sports motorbikes at over 200 CV, the best touring bikes in history or the latest custom bikes to reach the market. There is also an area for scrambler and neo-classic bikes. Electrical motorcycles and scooters that are part of the future and, of course, bikes focused mainly on mobility, the centre of our daily lives. Some have been fully remodelled and others were built totally from scratch.

This is a major motorcycle event for Madrid, which is sure to become a benchmark event for Spain, every other year.

Tickets are on sale
Tickets are available and can be purchased on the IFEMA website starting at €8.50 per day. Parking for those attending on motorcycle is free of charge and for anyone wishing to attend from Madrid using an electric scooter, the sharing company Muving will help. Everything is set for a one-of-a-kind experience at the two-wheel event par excellence, Vive la Moto, the Motorcycle Fair of Madrid.

ANESDOR is the entity representing the brands in the two-wheel industry in Spain. Founded in 1954, it is Spain’s oldest automotive industry association. It represents over 96 por ciento of the two-wheel market: specifically, 45 industry companies (manufacturers and importers of motorcycles and mopeds, trikes, four-wheelers, ancillary industry and after-market) marketed by 98 brands.

The entity watches over the interests of the two-wheel sector industry and commercial businesses regarding the public and private administrations and institutions, both nationally and internationally, and regarding the public in general. ANESDOR participates in the drafting of national and European regulations and mobility plans that affect the industry, covering fields such as certification of L-category vehicles, environmental legislation or road safety.

ANESDOR is a member of ACEM, the European Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers, and of IMMA, The International Motorcycle Manufacturers Association.

About IFEMA - Feria de Madrid
It is the first organiser of fairs and congresses in Spain and one of the main organisers in Europe, with over three and a half decades of experience and 80 fairs per year specialising in the main economic sectors, as well as mass public events. Its Feria de Madrid facilities are located right in the centre of the Iberian Peninsula, they enjoy unique international travel connections and offer 200,000 square metres of indoor exhibition and every year receive over 2.9 million visitors from all over the world.

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