What is Veteco?


Last year, 332 VETECO companies provided unique and innovative content, responding to the real and immediate needs of professionals from more than 76 countries.

In its historical trajectory of more than 30 years, the last edition was made possible thanks to the 90,000 participants from the main developers, construction companies, workshops, installers, distribution, specifiers, architecture studios, engineering firms, quantity surveyors... All these professionals have made it possible for VETECO, together with CONSTRUTEC, PISCIMAD and SMART DOORS, to be the main event and commercial tool in the construction sector.

Knowledge, innovation and solutions are the strategic axis of VETECO and the Semana Internacional de la Construcción, providing, together with its global exhibition offer, a point of knowledge and innovation for the entire sector. The main congresses and conferences on innovation, training for the profession, needs and solutions for distribution, construction companies and developers will be the focus of the Semana Internacional de la Construcción.

Why visit?

  • VETECO, Veteco, the platform to see the future with new eyes
  • Four packed days of  B2Veteco relationships windows and glass enclosure sector.
  • Obtain information about the opportunities in the specialised Spanish and International markets under one roof, over four working days.
  • Initiate, develop and close purchasing deals with the entire distribution channel at VETECO.
  • Build a business network: Register in the Trade Meeting Point and use our Meeting Agenda to make appointments with exhibitors.
  • Arrange meetings with current and potential suppliers.
  • Visit and strengthen business relationships with current suppliers.
  • Analyse and directly check the product/service characteristics of potential new suppliers.
  • Directly compare the characteristics of all the product ranges.
  • It is the ideal place for observing trends in the sector and among consumers.
  • Find and discover new products, technologies and services.
  • It is an opportunity to attend congresses, seminars and parallel events, which are a magnificent source of information about trends and developments in the sector
  • VETECO is a key business tool for projecting an image of purchasing power.
  • Make distribution agreements for products/services.
  • They offer the information required to evaluate possibilities for future participation as an exhibitor.