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15 March 2024

Interview with Pablo Martín, director of ASEFAVE

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The International Construction Week will be held at IFEMA MADRID from November 5 to 8. A global proposal that joins the fairs CONSTRUTEC, VETECO, PISCIMAD and SMART DOORS to meet the needs of the sector.

How important is it for ASEFAVE to be present at VETECO?

ASEFAVE has been promoting VETECO together with IFEMA since 1990. This is the sector's leading trade fair and the perfect meeting point to showcase the latest developments of the industry to policy-makers, technicians and administrations.
Maintaining this link over time gives ASEFAVE the role of a representative organisation of the sector, which anticipates the challenges that arise for companies.

What is your overall assessment of the window and façade industry in Spain at the moment?

In terms of activity, the current situation can be characterised as a period of stability over the last two years.  Due to the uncertainties generated in recent years, there were fears of a new slowdown, but the truth is that levels of new construction work have been maintained, albeit at modest levels, and there have also been good performance results in renovation. 
Exporting also helps to keep our companies in good health.

What role do events like VETECO play in promoting the industry and generating business opportunities for window and façade manufacturers?

It is clear that the main reason for holding a trade fair like VETECO is to connect the supply of products (and services) with demand. We must not forget the relational component, which after all is the basis of business. First and foremost, VETECO is the sector's party and the perfect excuse to get away from the routine of everyday life.
One of the main advantages of VETECO is that it has also consolidated its position as the leading trade fair for both the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America ensuring, geographically speaking, global business opportunities.

What are the main local and global challenges currently facing window and façade manufacturers?

Now that the importance of energy efficiency is established, the sector is focusing on sustainability, the circular economy, product and packaging waste management. These are the new priorities set by legislation and the market itself.
Find out more about VETECO and International Construction Week on their website.