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The Professional Videogames League takes the finals of the CS:GO and Clash Royale Cups to Madrid Games Week

The Professional Videogames League takes the finals of the CS:GO and Clash Royale Cups to Madrid Games Week The Spanish capital is set to host the finals of both competitions organised by the Professional Videogames League (MEDIAPRO Group) and sponsored by Orange The CS:GO and Clash Royale Cups, which are celebrating their first ever editions, allow for the participation of both professional and amateur teams The group stage of the tournament starts on 10 September for CS:GO, and on 15 September in the case of Clash Royal


10 Sep 2018

Madrid, 10 September 2018 .- Professional Videogames League (MEDIAPRO Group) is to attend Madrid Games Week, the big videogames, electronics and leisure show organised by IFEMA and the Spanish Association of Video Games (AEVI), which will be held at Feria de Madrid this year from 18 to 21 October. LVP will be there for the grand finale of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Cup and the semi-finals and final of the Clash Royale Cup.

Both competitions, sponsored by Orange, held the first-ever edition of their events in early August, with an online stage played on the ArenaGG gaming platform in which more than 3,700 players participated. Three qualifying tournaments saw the classification of the six amateur teams that are to play in the group stage for each Cup, which is where the professional teams competing in the Superliga Orange also come on board.

In the case of CS:GO, the group stage will start on September 10 with the Professional Videogames League handling the official broadcast. The quarter-finals and semi-finals will also be played online, while the final will be played face-to-face at Madrid Games Week on 19 October. All matches will be streamed on LVP Twitch Channel 2.

As for the Clash Royale Cup, it is scheduled to start on Saturday 15 September. It will also be broadcast via LVP. A round of quarter-finals will decide which four teams play the semi-finals, which in this case will take place at Madrid Games Week, as will the grand finale. Clash Royale will take centre stage at Madrid Games Week on Sunday October 21. In this case, the games will be streamed on LVP Twitch channel 3.

High standard of play expected in the first CS:GO Cup

Revolution in Spanish CS:GO. The Orange Superliga teams presented their sides for the first-ever edition of the CS:GO Cup, the general conclusion being that we are about to witness a high-level competition that will see the world’s top players taking part.

Vodafone Giants, the current Orange Super League champion, has signed Ricardo “fox” Pacheco, former G2 Esports player, one of the best teams in the world, to lead a side that aims to continue dominating the domestic CS:GO scene. Some of its great rivals will also be competing, such as the Movistar Riders led by Oscar “Mixwell” Cañellas, the most international Spanish player; x6tence, with the return of Nicolas “Plopski” Gonzalez heading a team of Swedish players; and MAD Lions EC, which has signed Iván “NaOw” González and Jose Luis “HUMANZ” Cebrián, former x6tence members.

Cup to reveal the new stars of Clash Royale

The Clash Royale Arena is set to take centre stage at Madrid Games Week. On Sunday 21 October, the four best teams in the competition will fight it out in the first edition of the Cup.

This KO competition is full of unknowns, as most of the teams playing in the Orange Superliga have changed their teams up on account of the re-organisation of the international ecosystem due to the Supercell title. Accordingly, the Cup will no doubt see the rise of new domestic Clash Royale stars.

Will Vodafone Giants get a double knock-out and come out on top in the Superliga Orange? Will the promising Albert “POU LEGION” Oliver lead Team Queso to victory? What have the newcomer teams, like the MAD Lions EC, Cream eSports and The G-Lab Addicts, to offer? Can we expect any surprises from among the amateur teams?

A big surprise for League of Legends

The most important game of the moment, League of Legends, will also be present at Madrid Games Week. Summoner’s Rift will open in the Spanish capital on Saturday 20 October for a special competition, with more details to be made available soon. After the success of the Superliga Orange final at the Bilbao Arena, the Madrid Games Week public will not be left without its dose of magic.

About LVP: The Professional Videogames League (LVP) is one of the biggest videogame competition operators in the world and the largest, Spanish-speaking e-sports organisation. Through its offices in Madrid, Barcelona,​Buenos Aires, Bogotá, Mexico and London, it is present in over 30 countries. It runs the most prestigious domestic competitions (Superliga Orange in Spain, National Circuits in Argentina, Chile and Peru), not to mention major international tournaments (Gamergy Masters, CR Nations Cup, Riot Open), online competition platforms (ArenaGG, PlayStation League) and broadcasts world events in Spanish, such as the League of Legends Championship Series (c) and the Call of Duty (c) World League. Part of the MEDIAPRO Group, LVP also provides event production, advertising and audiovisual production services covering all aspects of the e-sports ecosystem.

About MGW

Madrid Games Week 2018, the Videogame and Leisure Electronics Show, organised by IFEMA and the Spanish Videogames Association (AEVI), is one of the leading events on the international scene and a must for all gaming enthusiasts.  The next edition of the show is to take place from 18 to 21 October in halls, 12, 14 and 14.1 of Feria de Madrid, and will provide the Spanish capital with a unique space where visitors can preview exclusive titles, try out next-generation consoles, learn first hand about the latest news and releases, and enjoy multiple e-sports, manga, cosplay, and virtual reality activities, amongst other activities.

About Orange : Orange is the second biggest telecommunications operator in Spain, where it provides fixed, mobile and television services to its 20.2 million customers. In keeping with its sponsorship strategy “Orange sponsors you”, Orange ensures that its customers, and fans in general, take the spotlight in all the actions in which it participates, bringing them closer to what matters most to them. E-sports is an innovative sector, with an increasing number of enthusiasts whose values coincide with those of Orange. Indeed, Orange’s commitment to this discipline, by sponsoring the LVP and giving its name to the Superliga Orange, further endorses the electronic sports boom in Spain, the potential of which continues to surge. Moreover, as a telecommunications company that invests in fibre optic and 4G networks, Orange has become an indispensable e-sports partner, providing, as it does, the requisite connection speed and quality for both gamers and spectators alike.