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Manga – o – Rama encompasses all events related to manga, anime and Japanese and Asian culture in general that you can enjoy at the fair. Talks, workshops, fights, projections, cosplay, K-Pop, ramen and drawing techniques are some of the activities that visitors will able to find. More detailed information coming very soon. Manga – o – Rama is a registered trade mark of Pop Culture España, an association dedicated to promoting Popular Culture (comics, film, manga, video games, literature, etc.)

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Manga-O-Rama 2019 schedule

Thursday, October 3

Manga-O-Rama! stage

2 p.m. Spicy Ramen Contest.

Screening Room.

Being scheduled.

FRIDAY 4 October

Manga-O-Rama! stage

12 p.m. Kojachi Institute activity.

2 p.m. Spicy Ramen Contest.

4 p.m. Miku Chinatsu live.

5 p.m. Cosplayer lecture.

6:30 p.m. Cosplayer lecture.

Screening Room.

10 a.m. Crunchyroll screening.

12 p.m. Selecta Vision screening.

3 p.m. Screening of the documentary “Las Pirámides Murcianas” (Murcian Pyramids), which delves into the possibility of Murcia hosting the remains of an ancient alien civilisation. The subsequent group discussion will feature the researcher Miguel G. Díaz.

6 p.m. Dayo presents Protagonista, his first comic.

SATURDAY 5 October

Manga-O-Rama! stage

11 a.m. K-Pop contest. Organised by the Han-A Madrid Association.

2 p.m. Spicy Ramen Contest

4 p.m. Talk with Tifa Flynn, Naomi and Mizuky San: Introduction to Cosplay.

5 p.m. Meeting with the voice actors Ramón De Arana, Carlos Ysbert, Rafael Azcárraga, Juan Carlos Lozano, Raquel Cubillo and Ana Valeiras. Moderator Gustavo Maeso García.

Screening Room.

10 a.m. Crunchyroll screening.

12 p.m. VHZ live Terminator Special, with Carlos Palencia and Vera Montessori.

2 p.m. "Tiempo de Culto" Podcast. Live programme recording, a Terminator Special with Paco Fox and Angel Codon.

3:30 p.m. Selecta Vision screening.

5 p.m. Presentation of the book Dreamcast: El sueño eterno (Dreamcast: The Eternal Dream) (Editorial Dolmen). Featuring the author, Enrique Segura Mayor.

6:30 p.m. Presentation of the book Siguiente Fase (Next Phase) (Editorial Dolmen). Featuring the author, Jesús Relinque, and Bruno Sol.

SUNDAY 6 October

Manga-O-Rama! stage

10 a.m. Karuta Gigante, with the Kojachi Institute.

12 p.m. Skrull World live. Comic and video game special, with Daniel Lobato, Daniel Brun and guests.

2 p.m. Spicy Ramen Contest

4 p.m. Cosplay Contest

7:30 p.m. Farewell to invited guests

Screening Room

10 a.m. Crunchyroll screening.

12 p.m. Meeting with Florencia Sofen.

1 p.m. Lecture: Travelling to Japan, with Kojachi Institute.

2 p.m. Crunchyroll screening.

4 p.m. Selecta Vision screening.

6 p.m. Crunchyroll screening.

And also...

ART-O-RAMA!, the Artist Alley of Manga-O-Rama!, awaits you with the following artists: Daniel Medina Illustration, David Solano, Álvaro Jh, Isabel Vílchez, Isabel Barba, David Karpaccio Buergo, Óscar Fernández, La Veleta Orientado, Pumpkinspatch, ZIUK, Crvda, Mike Jordana, Sandra Callejas, Yblaidd Art, Tomás Mora Art - Morador de Sueños, Patcas Illustration, Marta Deer, Juan Acosta, Rodrigo Lorenzo and Salvador Navarro. And we will have a special space for our guest cosplayers.

The Triple W (White Wolf Wrestling) will offer two shows on Saturday 5 October, during the morning and afternoon schedules. Location to be determined.

FX stand. DAJU FX will be with us again to offer free make-up sessions to attendees at Madrid Games Week 2019.


Coming soong