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Madrid Games Week 19 Congress: Videogames, education, culture and health: on October 1 and 2, the videogame industry has an appointment with the different players in the sector. The event will take place in the auditorium of the Fundación Telefónica (Gran Vía de Madrid) and will be attended by experts in various disciplines that will help us understand the positive impact of gaming as a development tool in areas such as education, culture and health.  

Today, October 1st, at the Espacio Fundación Telefónica
The MGW Congress makes us reflect on the video game as a development tool in education, culture and health.

This is the case of the Congress 'MGW 19 Video Games, Education, Culture and Health', where for two days national and international experts discuss the effects that this form of entertainment has on all facets of society. From its value as physiotherapy for neuromuscular patients to its use in education, as well as the value it brings to the economy. The video game sector already generates more money than the world of music and cinema combined.

In the opinion of Gregorio Luri, philosopher and pedagogue in charge of opening the Congress, video games "allow us to ask ourselves the same old questions with new perspectives" and serve to fill children's need for adventure, which they are often unable to satisfy due to excessive overprotection. "It doesn't matter what century you live in. Children and young people have to live adventures, and if we don't let them climb a tree for fear of breaking their heads, we have to fill that space with video games, which can be excellent tools to provide values in total safety.