VR District

Composition of several images with VR glasses users.

Virtual Reality at Madrid Games Week

Madrid Games Week together with Jugón Virtual and Distrito VR bring Virtual Reality to Pavilion 4.

This Virtual Reality area will feature the latest innovations in the VR and AR sector, presenting some of the most innovative and surprising experiences on the current scene. Simulators, New releases, Arcade Zones, etc... a whole festival for lovers of these new technologies.

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News Area
Zone the latest news from game developers and hardware manufacturers of immersive technologies.

Arcade VR Area
Area where more ambitious virtual experiences that require a large gaming surface will be shown.

Indie Area
In collaboration with AEVI, the most interesting independent VR developments of the moment will have their space to show their progress.

XR Lobby
A networking space dedicated to the professional world where conferences will be held, and our XR Party, private only for industry professionals.

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Organized by

Jugón Virtual is the largest VR youtuber in the Spanish-speaking world and a driving force in the VR gaming community. With more than 470,000 subscribers and more than 7 million views per month, Jugón Virtual not only shares on YouTube his experiences with VR devices and applications, but also advises brands and startups, and organizes events such as the first VR area in Madrid Games Week 2018 or VR Gamer, the first event in Spain dedicated exclusively to Virtual Reality video games.

Jugón Virtual coordinates the new VR Area of Madrid Games Week 2019 under the label Distrito VR.