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12 September 2019

RetroWorld brings the magic of classic games to Madrid Games Week

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With endless classic games, recreational games, table football, old microcomputers and some very curious machines from old arcade halls, to delight the whole family A charitable initiative - Video Games for Food - will join the commercial and recreational offer at RetroWorld

Madrid Games Week 2019 will be back at RetroWorld, a unique section dedicated to classical computing and old video games, offering endless fun for the young and not so young, families and lovers of those video games that never go out of style. With a host of classic gaming stalls, including recreational games, table football, old microcomputers and the curious machines found in arcade halls in years gone by.

As on previous occasions, the famous MUTECVI Technological Museum of Video Games, one of the largest in the world will select 4,000 pieces of hardware, 16,000 software programmes and 2,000 elements related to video games for RetroWorld; an impressive collection of consoles, video games, devices and amazing gaming peripherals, carefully chosen for exhibition at Madrid Games Week.

In the commercial section of RetroWorld, visitors to Madrid Games Week can acquire exclusive retro hardware and software from numerous stores and exhibitors specialised in classic gaming

Talks, conferences and panel discussions

Another attraction at RetroWorld will be the talks, conferences and panel discussions with participation from renowned and popular personalities on the vintage scene, in which the playful past of the video game, which is still very current today, shall be dealt with.

There will also be book launches, including for the one written by Attila Merino (Amstrad Eterno, Homebrew Encyclopedia) entitled “Un Pasado Mejor: La Edad de Oro del Software Español” (A better past, the golden age of Spanish software), with star appearances by Nacho Ruiz (Dinamic Software, FX Interactive); José Luis Domínguez (Indescomp, Amstrad Spain), and José Antonio Morales (Opera Soft), etc.

Take a trip to the nineties on Baiken's Sofa, where the Nostalgia Videoclub awaits you with tales of magical places full of video games and tapes that need rewinding, in a space full of laughter, memorable anecdotes and gifts.

The highlight of this meeting of friends who love classic video games, will be the 35th anniversary of Dinamic Software, a legendary Spanish company and the real start of gaming in our country, which will be an event full of surprises with the original team that made up the fabulous Hispanic company: Pablo, Víctor and Nacho Ruiz with Luis Rodríguez Soler and many other important figures who contributed to the start of the well-known Golden Age of Software in Spain with Dinamic.

The commercial and recreational offer at RetroWorld will be joined by the Video Games for Food solidarity event, an initiative that invites visitors to Madrid Games Week to help the needy. Attendees are asked to bring non-perishable food with them to use in the solidarity market to exchange for new and second-hand goods donated to the cause by different companies.

MADRID GAMES WEEK will take place from 3 to 6 October 2019 at Feria de Madrid, organised by IFEMA and AEVI.

Tickets on sale

Gamers and fans of the world of video games can purchase tickets in advance on the website, or in GAME stores throughout Spain and at -week-2019, with a €3 gift voucher to use at GAME. Tickets cost €13 when purchased in advance and €17 at the box office for the duration of the fair. Madrid Games Week also offers the possibility of buying a special €35 pass in advance (stocks are limited), which will cover the four days of the event, starting at 3 pm on 3 October, or €41 at the ticket office. In addition, groups of ten or more people can purchase reduced price tickets for €11. Access to the fair is free for children up to eleven years old, provided they are accompanied by an adult. Children under 14 must also be accompanied by an adult


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