07 May 2024

Lucena, epicentre of the Spanish hospitality industry through the #GuexTour

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The experts' views on the present and future of the hotel and catering industry at the fourth stop of the GuexTour in Cordoba.

GUEXT will be held for the first time from 18 to 21 October and, from 2023, this new international exhibition of suppliers and services for the Hospitality sector will be travelling around Spain to present the joint project of IFEMA MADRID and FELAC. Among the key cities for the industry, on 12 March it arrived in Lucena (Córdoba), where important companies specialising in commercial refrigeration manufacturing are based and will be taking part in GUEXT.

Moderated by the president of the Spanish Federation of Associations of Manufacturers of Machinery for the Hotel, Restaurant, Catering and Allied Industries (FELAC) and of the GUEXT Organising Committee, Rafael Olmos, the round table discussion ‘Present and future of the Hotel and Catering Industry’ was attended by Joaquín Alberto Peñalver, general manager of Coreco; Ignacio Astelarra, Deputy General Manager of Efficold; José María Torres, General Manager of Infrico; José María Raya, General Manager of Intarcon, and José Manuel Cassinello, General Manager of Pilsa.

Challenges and opportunities that are redefining the hospitality industry

All these experts debated during the round table on important aspects that are changing the standards of hospitality, such as the irruption of investment funds in the hotel sector, which is changing the client model for the installer of hospitality projects; the sociological change as a reaction to the pandemic, which has rewarded experience and increased leisure; technology and digitalisation, fundamental in the development of machinery for hospitality, and sustainability, integrating economic and social development under environmental balance.