07 May 2024

Circular Hospitality, the project driving green change in the hospitality equipment industry

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Its aim is for the hospitality equipment industry to make further progress in reducing its environmental impact.

The economy is currently facing the challenge of leaving behind the linear economic model based on extract, manufacture, use and throw away, and moving towards a circular model. In this redefinition of the production and consumption model, the fundamental pillars are the maximisation of available resources so that they remain in the production cycle for as long as possible, and the reduction of waste generation, making the most of those that could not be avoided, bearing in mind that the best waste is that which is not generated.

With the awareness of this common challenge, the ‘Circular Hospitality’ initiative was born. Promoted by FELAC (Spanish Federation of Associations of Manufacturers of Machinery for the Hospitality, Collectivities and Related Industries), co-organiser of GUEXT, this project aims to create a guide to facilitate the implementation of eco-design principles in the hospitality equipment supplier sector and to adopt new business models and circular economy strategies such as servitisation.

Circular Hospitality' is developed in four phases with the active participation of the companies integrated in FELAC through collaborative workshops, which is essential to know the reality and be able to adapt the solutions with which to advance in a decisive way in decarbonisation and efficient use of resources. Thus, the phases are: initial diagnosis of the sector in terms of eco-design and servitisation, creation of the guide, validation, and validation of the solutions.

One more step in strengthening a more resilient and responsible industry.

Circular Hospitality', in short, is born with the vocation of the hospitality equipment industry to continue making progress in reducing its environmental impact, improving its competitiveness, reducing costs and building a more resilient and responsible industry. All these aspects will be addressed at GUEXT, which will be held from 18 to 21 October at IFEMA MADRID, with leading experts, suppliers and services for the hospitality sector who have their finger on the pulse of the existing opportunities and challenges.

It should be noted that the project is being developed in collaboration with the eco-innovation studio Inèdit and has the backing of the Catalan Waste Agency (ARC) through the call for ‘Grants for projects to promote the circular economy 2022’.