21 June 2024

CoffeeXperience will be the main hub for the coffee industry during GUEXT

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The area will host activities such as tastings, hands-on barista workshops and latte art competitions, among others.

The coffee area at Guext will host activities such as tastings, hands-on barista workshops, latte art competitions and more.

GUEXT, the new International Exhibition of suppliers and services for the hospitality industry organised by IFEMA MADRID in collaboration with FELAC, presents CoffeeXperience, a specialised space that will place the spotlight on the coffee sector. This innovative area, which is open to the public from 18 to 21 October, will allow visitors to discover the latest trends in coffee consumption and brewing thanks to the presence of all the main players in the sector.

From coffee producers, importers, roasters, manufacturers of equipment, coffee machines, grinders, roasting machines and accessories for coffee making, to specialised establishments and meetings with other industry experts, CoffeeXperience will be the professional hub  where you can discover all that this product has to offer.

Furthermore, as a reflection of the growing importance and variety of coffee within the hospitality industry, CoffeeXperience will dedicate several areas to coffee-related activities that will allow visitors to learn about and enjoy the latest developments in coffee.

Different spaces to explore the coffee sector

Among the activities that this space will host is the Cupping Area where attendees will be able to participate in "guided tasting sessions" by producers and importers of green coffee. It will be an opportunity to explore and taste different varieties of coffee, and learn to appreciate its different flavours.

The Latte Art & Barista Zone will be a multifunctional space hosting three types of activities. Firstly, the technical skills and creativity of baristas in latte art will be assessed in order to award the Official Certifications of Latte Art Grading System. This area will also host Latte Art "Battles" between professional baristas who will show their skills and creativity in the preparation of coffee drinks. Finally, Barista Pills will offer masterclasses by professional baristas on best practices in the use of equipment and accessories for the preparation and achievement of best results when brewing the best coffee.

The Barista School will also bring together hotel and catering schools so that students can enjoy an experience directly related to coffee making with expert baristas.

CoffeeXperience at GUEXT, the international meeting for the hospitality industry, created and promoted by IFEMA MADRID together with FELAC, Spanish Federation of Associations of Equipment Manufacturers for the Hospitality and Related Industries, is part of the wide range of products that GUEXT, from 18 to 21 October, will offer attendees, together with the innovative proposals of the main participating companies and professionals in the hospitality industry.