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16 June 2022

The potential of solar energy in Spain

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Spain is one of the richest countries in terms of solar energy due to the long daylight hours which make it an important energy asset.

Among the completed plans to develop the use of renewable and alternative energy, our country is actively more focused on photovoltaic energy, due to the ease with which it can be obtained thanks to the abundance of sunshine and the long daylight hours.

Data assessing the use of solar energy

According to data from Green Rhino Energy, our country achieves solar radiation levels of between 1,600 kW/m2 and 1,950 kW/m2, data which position Spain as the European country with the greatest potential for harvesting photovoltaic energy. In terms of competitors, it is the Mediterranean countries who achieve the highest quotas in this field, but they do not have the extensive plains and pastures to host panels and collect all this energy. Specifically, the Community of Aragon is the area which registers the most radiation.

The same trend in seen when it comes to wind power. Our country is really powerful in this respect, it has an average annual velocity of 6.5 metres per second with a constant flow of wind, which allows for energy to be produced using wind generators.

Regarding the advantages of wind power, this article breaks down the benefits that come from transforming wind power into electricity. A never-ending resource which drives the new clean energy model.

Looking to the future, these capacities will be key for the development of new societies that need to use clean and renewable energy that does not have a negative effect on the planet. For this reason, Spain is a key country to achieve this, through its production and transformation.

And, what is clear, is that this potential is being increasingly recognised. Red Eléctrica España confirms this in their report on renewable energy. The report notes the 30% increase in solar photovoltaic energy compared to the previous year (2020-2021).

The study also reflects that the generation of electrical energy through solar energy in Spain increased by almost 5 points between 2019 and 2021. It reached 8.05% last year compared to 3.55%. Likewise, this level of growth is predicted to continue its upward trend due to the relevant factors which encourage the creation of electrical energy from sunlight.

The economic factor of this resource, which in the past had a higher cost due to the tools necessary to set up solar panels and batteries, is being further reduced through developments and innovations in technology. This, along with the new regulatory framework, and the grants offered by governments, means that it is becoming more usual to find large fields of photovoltaic panels taking advantage of the free resource of solar energy. Currently, to encourage the development of solar energy, specific budget concepts were detailed in the grants of the Next Generation plan which is driving the European Union towards recovery.

In the same way, the exponential growth in private homes in this field is also being observed - the installation of these tools due to their low cost is evidence of the development of this energy thanks to the great potential in our country for individual consumption.

Great advantages of solar energy

After analysing the current situation of the power of solar energy in our country, there are several conclusions to be drawn. And, in truth, it is a resource that can be used for a low price and its performance, in our country, is truly high. By taking advantage of all the daylight hours available in our country, it is a valuable and important resource for transforming a renewable source into electrical energy.

The costs of transforming this energy, luckily, are becoming lower every day. This makes it possible to take advantage of more light to generate more energy, which is another of the keys that increase Spain's great potential in relation to solar energy.