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04 April 2022

Interview with Fran Rodríguez, CEO of Net4things, for Global Mobility Call

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"We want to be in contact with all the social agents of this nurtured mobility ecosystem and establish a dialogue with companies, startups, associations, public bodies to address new business models that citizens now require."

1. What are Net4things’ expectations for Global Mobility Call 2022?

For us, this event is a strong commitment to ranking as one of the main agents for connected and sustainable mobility worldwide. We want to be in contact with all of the social agents of this busy mobility ecosystem and to establish a dialogue with companies, start-ups, associations, public agencies, to approach the new business models that citizens are demanding.

2. Within this joint effort, what does your company contribute with at this new international event?  

We have been creating mobility solutions since 2016, a mobility that involves varied sectors such as insurance companies, automotive, financial institutions, transportation, energy... who directly or indirectly depend on mobility for their business. From the onset we knew that we had to lead, providing the technology and innovation that we develop to quickly and efficiently adapt to the new demands of citizens who want digital products that are more sustainable, safe and that are acquired instantly. Our products are already consolidated on the market and in several countries. Therefore, Global Mobility Call is a huge screen where we will be showing the projects that we are working on with our partners and clients.

3. What are the advantages of Spain and its companies regarding GMC's goal of becoming a hub for sustainable mobility?

Spain is a country that has companies that have developed interesting technological solutions, with great ideas and innovative contributions for people. With better cooperation among public agencies, private companies, associations and citizens, and better cohesion and flexibility to organise current mobility, we can enjoy places that are more sustainable, with transportation suited to the needs of the people who move in those areas. In Spain we also have companies that are cutting-edge in various important sectors pertaining to mobility and sustainability: infrastructure, telecommunications, automotive, bank companies... world leaders in their sectors.

4. How are connectivity and the Internet of Things changing the automotive sector?

Connectivity and the Internet of Things are enabling a real-time vehicle diagnosis, and for vehicles to exchange information with other vehicles, people and the surrounding infrastructure such as traffic lights, signs, radars, pedestrian crossings, etc. to organise and manage in the most speedy, useful and beneficial manner for everyone. When we obtain data on what is happening, we see reality and we can plan ahead and quickly and easily take action.

5. What steps should be taken regarding technology to progress further with this type of technological solutions?

What we do at our company is transform data into actual use, that will generate value for our clients and that entails an improvement for services, using a single platform. This way all of the information is centralised, so that there is comprehensive and unified control.

We can add sensors to any asset to connect it to our platform, integrate it with other platforms to process the data, and help in making the best decisions.

6. Beyond companies, what advantages can individuals find in the connected car solution?

Users have a large amount of information on the vehicles, with different practical possibilities derived from this information: Whether the engine is on or off, for example, important data to know if your car is being stolen. It also includes a 112 helpline that, in the event of a collision or impact will notify emergency services, activating a protocol to help you as soon as possible, at the exact location where you are at. A system that saves lives and reduces the damage caused by the impact or collision. It also speeds up processes and provides more transparency on what actually happened during the accident. Vehicle condition and its tune-ups, etc.

7. What other markets does Net4things work with, other than Spain?

Our products and solutions can be found in the United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia, Trinidad and Tobago, the United States, Indonesia, and we hope to expand this list in the coming months, as we are working with several pilot programs with different companies, mainly in the Telco, Banking and Infrastructures sectors.

8. Client and user needs change, and this poses a challenge to developing solutions, what is the challenge for your company?

We are at a good moment, where our solutions for a connected, sustainable and safe mobility become relevant to all those companies and organisations that wish to participate and guide mobility projects in a quick, dynamic and easy manner. We are watching all the new innovations and trends and we are working side-by-side with all of the social agents to find out their needs and requirements first-hand. This allows our services and products to quickly evolve and easily adapt to client demands.

9. The European context is important, how does Spain rank in the development of technology at the service of mobility compared to other EU countries?

Spain is pioneering in several sectors. As we said earlier, there are worldwide leading companies in Spain, in various sectors, that are a springboard for their technological suppliers so that we can become world references.

10. What opportunities do the EU Next Generation Funds and the Spanish Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan offer your sector, and Net4things specifically?

The Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, financed through the EU Next Generation funds promotes digital transformation for town halls and local organisations. This assistance helps these agencies to invest in mobility projects and services for citizens, with an updated infrastructure and fast, powerful and affordable services. This is where we come in. We offer a service for instant automatic toll payment, repairs in a nearby or optimal garage to streamline the time that your vehicle does not have, the possibility of using any transportation method according to its carbon footprint, enter your garage with your motorbike or car without having to take out the clicker to open it, monitor your father or mother in real-time to see where they are at any time, specific discounts so that you can use the time to recharge your car to enjoy a good coffee, etc.

A wide range of opportunities that promote cost and energy savings, minimising the environmental impact for companies and covering the new habits of people who wish to move around the city in a healthy and sustainable way.