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10 October 2023

Ulity presents new features of its subscription-based mobility platform at Global Mobility Call

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The Ulity team will share its vision for industry transformation and will show its technology solutions for the development of more flexible mobility models.

Ulity, the platform specialized in the development of vehicle subscription solutions, will present at Global Mobility Call its technological innovations for mobility services using adaptable software that allows attract and engage customers more effectively.

After its participation in the first edition of Global Mobility Call in 2022, Ulity will be a Global Partner in the new edition of IFEMA MADRID and Smobhub that will bring together, from 24 to 26 October, the main leaders and companies working for the development of sustainable mobility.

Promoting technological development

For Ulity, Global Mobility Call is the reference event in the mobility sector at an international level, which allows it to approach other companies and stakeholders in the market, to network, to contribute its vision on the transformation of the industry and the evolution of the needs and preferences of users into more flexible mobility models, and to present the solutions it is providing in this aspect.

The platform has developed its own SaaS (Software as a Service) technology, with the aim that other companies can use it to accelerate and simplify their entry into vehicle subscription services, expand the scope of their business and access new customers without the costs of creating their own solution. Its proposition is mainly aimed at automotive manufacturers and brands, private transport companies, car rental, renting, large corporations and car marketplaces.

Therefore, Ulity is positioned as the strategic technology partner for the development of vehicle subscription solutions, with a comprehensive approach that combines technology and expertise through its own scalable and flexible software, including integrations with leading payment, telematics, data and CRM partners.

The software enables the development of customized subscription, reducing the cost of accessing vehicle fleets for companies and professionals, diversifying and extending the lifespan of existing fleets, and applying flexible management to demand fluctuations.

One year after its launch, the platform is already working with several customers (OEMS, ride-hailing companies, and others) in six countries. Ulity will be at GMC Expo to promote its services.

At GMC Congress, Ulity's CEO, José Puente, will participate on 26 October in the Main Auditorium at the conference "The transformation of the auto industry: new distribution and financing models in the new mobility".