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30 March 2023

UNO, CEL and CITET join Global Mobility Call in its drive for sustainable logistics

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Global Mobility Call, from 12 to 14 September, at the Recinto Ferial of IFEMA MADRID

Representatives from these three associations will play an active role in providing solutions to develop more sustainable mobility.

Logistics represents more than 6% of GDP and moves more than 500 million shipments and 5 million tonnes per year, and it is positioned as one of the keys and most innovative sectors in the process of transformation towards sustainable mobility. For this reason, one of the aims of Global Mobility Call is to add participants from the logistics sector that add value to the meeting, as is the case of UNO, CEL and CITET, three great representatives of a sector such as logistics, which have joined as member associations of the second edition of the event, in which they will promote the impulse and innovation of their sector and their contribution to the development of more efficient and sustainable logistics due to their positive impact on mobility.

The three associations will strengthen the Logistics and Distribution of Goods section in GMC Expo and the work of the Sustainable and Efficient Transport itinerary in GMC Congress, the two segments of this edition of the Global Mobility Call, which will be held in the Recinto Ferial of IFEMA MADRID from 12 to 14 September.

They will provide speakers and help with the organisation of some of the conferences and activities, promoting competition between their Associated companies such as Logistics operators, transport and supply companies, supply chain management, intermodality, urban mobility, last mile delivery, sustainable logistics digital technology and applications and sustainable goods transport innovation clusters and startups, and will bring together professional visitors from all sectors such as automotive, logistics, transport, retail, distribution and electronics.

UNO: “Moving towards smarter, more sustainable mobility”

UNO, the Spanish Organisation of Logistics and Transport Companies, has renewed its commitment to the Global Mobility Call, the “meeting place where all parties involved in supply chain management come together, fostering synergy between associations, companies, administrations and professionals, creating the dialogue needed to move towards more operational, efficient and competitive logistics.”

The President of the Organisation, Francisco Aranda, stated that UNO accompanied its companies “in the move towards smarter and more sustainable mobility in all areas (economic, social and environmental), leading public-private dialogue and pushing the different administrations to provide regulations without forgetting that it is our production fabric that brings wealth, employment and competitiveness to our country.”

CEL: Driving innovation and sustainability in supply chain management

The Spanish Logistics Centre (CEL) will bring disruptive technology projects to the Global Mobility Call, with drones (for transporting emergency medical equipment and intralogistics), virtual reality, digital twins and collaborative platforms as part of the last mile concept.

The organisation promotes innovation, sustainability, economic development and training in supply chain management, and everything related to the goals of the 2030 Agenda. It has rolled out several initiatives and programmes to foster sustainable and efficient logistics, supply chain optimisation and the promotion of environmentally and socially responsible practices.

CITET: Sustainable last mile distribution and logistics

CITET (the Innovation Centre for the Logistics and Transport of Goods) is fully committed to the 2030 Agenda and the Global Mobility Call objectives, with cross-cutting innovation projects and initiatives, connecting supply and demand, and disseminating and transferring technological and environmental knowledge, including drones, collaborative platforms and digital twins.

It accompanies companies in the transport and logistics of goods value chain towards more sustainable distribution, with a particular focus on last mile logistics.