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13 October 2023

Sistem will promote its integration services in Information and Communication Technologies, Security and Energy at Global Mobility Call

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The smart transport solutions integrator will highlight the services it develops for railroads, roads, ports and airports.

Sistem will promote at Global Mobility Call its wide range of integration services for the smart transport in railways, roads, ports and airports, in specific aspects such as Information and Communication Technologies, Security and Energy.

The company, part of the CPS Group, participates as Itinerary Partner of Global Mobility Call, the largest sustainable mobility event organized by IFEMA MADRID and Smobhub, to be held from 24 to 26 October, and in which Sistem will show, both at its stand and during its round tables, its innovative commitment to the challenges posed by the evolution of telecommunications, mobility and energy.

Knowledge and experience in technological innovation for the transport sector

At Global Mobility Call, the company will show its new linear infrastructure control systems with Fiber Sensing technology, by means of which it intends to use the existing fiber optics in these infrastructures to identify incidents of all kinds, infrastructure management support systems and security. This technology allows early detection of problems, identifying them for repair, cost savings, maintenance, performance optimization, maximizing its useful life and efficiency. They have applications in the railway and road sectors.

As a specialized company in urban and interurban transport, it will show some of its proposals to the market within our land transport portfolio; one of them will be its Artificial Vision solutions, showing the Average Speed Cinemometer, cameras with artificial vision with the capacity to classify vehicles, license plate reading, color detection, vehicle make and model. These solutions are in high demand in the agencies responsible for Road Safety, Municipalities, Autonomous Communities. In this field, Artificial Intelligence opens an important window of opportunities.

Sistem will promote its services related to Low Emission Zones and its intermodal mobility management project, which allows the prediction of mobility demand in cities. Also, its beacons for signaling preceding vehicles in foggy situations, already operational on roads in Galicia and Catalonia, in the areas with the highest incidence of this adverse weather that caused many accidents in our country. These beacons allow traffic to circulate on highways where fog prevented safe driving.

In addition, its critical communications recording/playback systems (fixed and mobile) with analytical capacity and the possibility of recording ambient sound. These solutions are operational and implemented in several national ATC Control units and Command and Control Centers, operating in several Air Navigation Control Centers in Spain and are currently being deployed in various regions of the ADIF infrastructure, in addition to its future presence in centralized storage nodes nationwide.

Committed to the Green New Deal (European Green Pact)

With its Arthos Industry Software platform, Arthos offers a range of applications for the control and management of energy, from energy efficiency of infrastructures to consumption profile managers, digital twins, energy flexibility management. This is a commitment that customers are beginning to demand and that is very much in line with our principles and the objectives of the European Green Pact.

In this area, solutions for charging electric vehicles will be presented, aimed primarily at fleets. Based on the experience in integration for energy in the railway market and providing value with agreements with multiple manufacturers, we offer the optimal solution for each case, End to End and maintenance of the systems. A commitment to the future that, together with Self-consumption projects, will favor the development of electric vehicle charging networks for passenger and freight transport fleets that the market is already demanding.