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11 May 2023

The Organising Committee meets in preparation for the second Global Mobility Call

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María José Rallo, Secretary General for Transport and Mobility of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and the Urban Agenda, chaired this working meeting attended by representatives of the main organisations, institutions, associations and companies from the different sectors linked to the development of sustainable mobility.

The Organising Committee of Global Mobility Call, the largest international event promoting the development of sustainable mobility, met this Wednesday to discuss the preparations for the event - the second to be held - from 12 to 14 September at the IFEMA MADRID Recinto Ferial.

The Secretary General for Transport and Mobility of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and the Urban Agenda, María José Rallo, chaired this meeting, made up of representatives of public bodies, sectoral associations and companies from sectors linked to mobility and transport. The meeting reviewed the progress of the event, which already has the support of 30 partners - large companies and corporations - as well as fifty national and international associations, and the participation of 16 countries, with more than 100 exhibiting companies and 50 start-ups.

The Committee includes the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and the Urban Agenda; the Regional Government of Madrid; Madrid City Council; institutions such as ADIF, Madrid Transport Consortium, Directorate General of Roads, DGT, EMT, Madrid Metro, and RENFE; associations such as ACEX, AECOC, ANFAC, CEOE, CONFEBUS, CSCAE, FACONAUTO, ITS España, SERNAUTO; and the companies Etra, Iberdrola, Iberia and Indra. IFEMA MADRID and Smobhub, organisers of Global Mobility Call, are also taking part.

Global Mobility Call 2023 will have two different content areas. On the one hand, the GMC Congress, which is structured around 8 thematic itineraries that will bring together national and international experts and leaders in each sector: Sustainable and efficient transport; Energy transition towards Net-Zero; Mobility solutions for citizens; Smart and habitable cities and territories; The transformation of the automotive industry towards mobility services; Best corporate strategies and sustainable business practices for a fairer, cleaner and more inclusive economic development; Technology and innovation as drivers of the transformation of mobility; and Talent and future jobs.

On the other hand, GMC Expo space will bring together companies, corporations, institutions and start-ups from 13 economic sectors involved in the development of sustainable mobility, which will showcase their latest innovations. In this space, which allows companies and public entities to increase their leadership and influence in the mobility ecosystem, opportunities will be created to participate in new public-private investment projects; generate networks of business contacts with clients and achieve high-level collaborations and alliances.