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27 September 2023

HVR to address green hydrogen solutions for mobility at Global Mobility Call

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With the first green hydrogen plant in the Community of Madrid, it has started its production and supply to public transport.

HVR energy will address the challenges of the development of green hydrogen focused on mobility solutions for people and goods, in its participation in the second edition of Global Mobility Call, where it will present the progress of its projects, such as the production and supply plant in the Community of Madrid.

The company, specialized in the generation of green hydrogen from renewable energies such as solar, hydro and wind, participates as a partner of Global Mobility Call, which from October 24 to 26 organized by IFEMA MADRID and Smobhub will bring together the main leaders and companies working for the development of sustainable mobility.

Commitment to transport decarbonization

With more than 20 years of experience in the renewable energy sector, HVR is committed to the decarbonization of the transport sector of people, goods and maritime transport, and therefore develops and operates projects for the production, generation, storage and distribution of renewable green hydrogen, mainly for mobility solutions.

As part of its strategy, it has recently, together with the passenger transport operator AVANZA, incorporated into the public transport service of the Regional Transport Consortium of the Community of Madrid, the first fuel cell bus refuelled with green hydrogen produced entirely in the first production and supply plant in the Community of Madrid.

The hydrogen used is totally renewable, as only renewable electricity is used for its generation. Unlike other projects, by not requiring the hydrogen to be transported from another production center using conventional trucks, the production and supply cycle is 100% green.

The plant generates green hydrogen that is dispensed directly to the bus. The surplus renewable hydrogen generated is used to refuel heavy goods vehicles or forklifts, in order to promote the decarbonization of this type of vehicle as well.

It also consists of a hydrogen generation and supply station for heavy vehicles at 350 bars, with a capacity to produce 70 kg of green hydrogen per day in its initial phase, which in a second phase will reach a capacity of up to 280 kg per day. This hydrogen is enough to refuel 2 buses (initial phase) or up to 8 buses (second phase).

For the President of HVR, Luis Suárez-Olea, "this project is the first of many distributed H2 generation projects focused exclusively on the mobility of people, goods and maritime transport, with the aim of being the first H2 generators in Spain with a network of hydrogen stations available to Spanish mobility companies".

Suarez-Olea will participate on October 24 in the Main Auditorium of Global Mobility Call, in the conference "Green hydrogen applied to the mobility of the present", in which he will talk about this, and other projects developed by the company in relation to sustainable mobility.