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20 June 2023

Global Mobility Call will be postponed to October to ensure its commitment to public-private partnerships in mobility.

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The decision to bring the General Election in Spain forward to 23rd June 2023 has prompted the decision to postpone the event until 24 to 26 October. This decision has been taken to ensure maximum institutional presence both from the National Administration level and from Spain’s Autonomous Communities and townships. Their attendance is one of the event’s fundamental axes.

After the recent announcement to bring the Spanish General Elections forward and after evaluating its potential effect on Global Mobility Call, where institutional participation is one of its main reasons, IFEMA MADRID, Smobhub and the Ministry of Transport and Mobility of the Spanish Government, have taken the decision to hold the meeting at a later date. The event will now be held from 24 to 26 October. This is to ensure that representatives, who have already confirmed their attendance, from the National Administration and Spain’s Autonomous Communities and townships to participate fully.

The organisers have already developed the event’s entire organisational structure and more than 80% of the participants have confirmed their attendance. The event was due to be held in September 2023. Many companies, corporations, institutions and associations in the country, which have joined forces with Global Mobility Call as strategic partners and collaborators for another year, have also confirmed their attendance

The decision to move the date for holding the event is widely supported by all Global Mobility Call’s participating partners. They share the objective to ensure the best conditions to generate business and investment opportunities. The new dates will allow for sufficient time for the new administration groups of the participating institutions to reconvene their institutional agendas.

It also still allows Global Mobility Call to be an instrument of public-private collaboration that forms part of the event’s structure and philosophy. The event’s mission is to join the interests from both the public and the private sectors to manage and successfully promote future alliances and business opportunities within the sustainable mobility sector. 

Global Mobility Call will host part of the official mobility agenda of the Spanish Presidency of the Council of the European Union with three meetings organized by the Spanish Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda where representatives of the 27 EU countries will meet. These are the "Technical Conference on Mobility in Rural Areas", the meeting "The PEP Partnership on Active Mobility", as well as an important conference on the European Corridors in Spain 360: Atlantic Corridor and Mediterranean Corridor, for which an investment of more than 53,806 million euros is foreseen. These events will be attended by European Union commissioners.

Among the major corporations and associations confirmed for the Global Mobility Call are: from the energy sector, firms such as BP, Cepsa, EDP, Iberdrola and Total Energies; from public transport, with Consorcio de Transportes of Madrid, EMT and Metro de Madrid; multimodal mobility, with Adif, Aena, Arriva, Astara, Enaire, Iberia, Ineco, Puertos del Estado, PWC, Renfe, Santander (WABI and Ulity), Senasa and UBER; technology and innovation, with Etra, Indra and Sistem; and infrastructure, with the General Directorate of Roads and the National Geographic Institute, among others, which will be present in the exhibition area and also in the congress area. In addition, more than 100 exhibiting companies and startups and fifty national and international industry associations will be taking part.

Global Mobility Call’s international event can now have greater impact because it will ensure the participation of representatives and promoters of mobility projects from the different administrations and institutions who have already confirmed their attendance.