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31 March 2022

The Spanish Retail Association (Asociación Española del Retail, AER) signs on as a collaborating organisation to Global Mobility Call 2022

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Global Mobility Call will bring together the key players in mobility from June 14 to 16, 2022 at IFEMA MADRID.

Retailers have taken the step, propelled by more exacting consumers to transform their business into a more sustainable line.

The Spanish Retail Association (AER) has become a collaborating organisation to Global Mobility Call, a project from IFEMA MADRID and Smobhub that will become an international leader in promoting sustainable mobility at an event for stakeholders from every sector involved in this transformation.

By signing on, AER reaffirms its goal of sustainable mobility and its commitment to the objectives of this congress, which will be held from June 14 to 16, 2022. Moreover, it is firmly backed by institutions and businesses and has the participation across the sectors interested in making the transition toward more sustainable mobility both profitable and beneficial socially, economically, and environmentally.

Retailers take the step toward greater sustainability

The Spanish Retail Association, along its associated businesses, keeps its commitment to Sustainability, the Circular Economy, and Care for the Environment. Consequently, retailers and their strategic partners have begun a veritable sustainable revolution in the way they understand their business and design their stores.

In this process, consumers have developed a sustainable awareness, taking on greater responsibility when assessing the impact of their shopping habits by analysing what is behind every brand and giving more importance than ever before to the "eco" factor when taking decisions and purchasing new products or services. The customer expects brands to make responsible use of their power, especially the new generations who, not in vain, want the best for a world in which they expect to keep living for many years to come.

Prestige and trade fair experience endorse Global Mobility Call

IFEMA MADRID, with its 40 years of nationally and internationally renowned prestige at organising fairs and events, has a vast background in mobility, promoting different congresses and trade fairs linked to this ecosystem.

GMC is one of the most ambitious projects integrating industrial sectors involved in this transition toward more sustainable mobility in Spain and abroad, such as automotive, technology, transport, logistics and connectivity, urban planning, infrastructure management, energy, and others, as well as generating networking and contributing to offering solutions.

The event will consist of an exhibition area and a conference area for talks and round tables, with a face-to-face format as well as having a digital platform open to the participants.

IFEMA MADRID will host the corporate and institutional stands on five thematic dimensions that cover the developments in the sector: New Urban Planning, which will address new urban models for energy efficiency, mobility and citizen-centred connectivity; Economic Development & Regulation, on the economic drive from new frameworks of public-private cooperation, business ecosystems, and regulatory schemes; Sustainable Transportation, to treat the challenges of multimodal transport, scheduling, and the best solutions; Tech, Data & Innovation, to cover the new technologies in infrastructure, data, automation, and new services; and Future Society, which proposes a global public agenda to take on the newly arising demographic and social challenges.