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IFEMA MADRID presents Global Mobility Call at COP26

The ambitious aim of making sustainable mobility the backbone of social and economic change has been launched at the World Climate Summit

IFEMA MADRID made the presentation together with IBERDROLA as part of their strategic partnership for promoting transport electrification and energy decarbonisation as key factors for sustainable mobility

11 Nov 2021

IFEMA MADRID, in collaboration with IBERDROLA, has taken the opportunity of the world’s largest event for combating climate change to present its major project, Global Mobility Call, at the Scottish Power Stand in the Green Zone of COP26 in Glasgow (UK).

Mariana Castaño Cano, Global Mobility Call’s International Communications manager, together with Miguel Muñoz, Head of Climate Policy and Alliances at Iberdrola, presented this ambitious project to the public, organised by IFEMA MADRID, together with Smobhub, under the auspices of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and the Urban Agenda.

The presentation took place as part of the collaboration between IBERDROLA and IFEMA MADRID, which began during the last COP25, held in Madrid. During the event, Miguel Muñoz highlighted the importance of the alliance between Spain’s leading power company and the Madrid Trade Fair Institution as a strategic partner for promoting transport electrification and energy decarbonisation as key factors for promoting sustainable mobility.

Miguel Muñoz said, "Global Mobility Call will be a relevant platform to showcase commercial solutions that help move towards a sustainable transport sector. Iberdrola is ready to commit through its sustainable mobility plan to renewable-based electrification.

"It is an honour and a responsibility to present Global Mobility Call at COP26 as an ambitious new global sustainable mobility initiative. Our aim is to join forces and invent new ways of collaboration so that together we can tackle the climate crisis and design clean, safe and inclusive mobility ecosystems," said Mariana Castaño Cano.

Global Mobility Call will be held from 14th to 16th June 2022 at IFEMA MADRID’s Exhibition Venue. It will bring together international leaders and strengthen the positioning of sustainable mobility as the backbone of the social and economic change process. This positioning is in line with the objectives set by the European Union, Agenda 2030, for coping with the demographic challenge, economic momentum, connectivity, digitisation, Zero Emissions and Next Generation.

You can watch the full presentation here

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