Tech & innovation transforming mobility

How digital technologies and innovation are driving the development of new mobility business models that are changing the way we move and live? Which technologies will lead the next generation of mobility?

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Tech and innovation transforming mobility

UN desapf’2014 projects 67.1 trillion passenger kilometers on mass transit by 2050. 

Cutting-edge technologies are creating opportunities to transform mobility by enabling innovative business models and mobility services for new and changing customer demographics. Can future mobility modes help expand and diversify revenue streams and improve customer experience in the mobility sector?

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  • Faster, more-reliable next generation connectivity (5G, satellite, positioning systems, smart grids) for ubiquitous mobility services ( speed and stability ).
  • Cloud model vs. edge computing, an approach to deal with huge amount of data generated and real time data processing along with privacy and data security.
  • Cybersecurity, the biggest challenges—privacy, data security, data ownership—lie at the intersection of technology and public policy.
  • Will Tier-one suppliers need to redefine their software and E/E strategy to respond to the new capabilities and sourcing decisions of OEMs.? How?
  • Data collection from - traffic signals, cameras, embedded devices on public transit – AI real time processing and open & integrated data pools for traffic management, route planning, public safety, and emergency response.
  • Artificial intelligence and advanced sensors (e.g. Lidar) towards the next generation of ADAS and autonomous vehicles.
  • ICT platforms and intelligent transportation systems (ITS) to transform mobility services, better user convenience and traffic planning.
  • Trade-tech and blockchain technologies for more efficient and safer intermodal transport (gateways payment).

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