Talent and new jobs

How can the sustainable mobility ecosystem retain and attract the best talent to cover newly created organizational functions coming from new business models? Which are the jobs of the future in the sustainable mobility ecosystem? Are new jobs in mobility attracting young talent?

The “unknown talent” journey in sustainable mobility

The different industries of the sustainable mobility ecosystem are driving their own transformation to provide better and more efficient services that should respond to social demands and needs.

In this chapter, we will discuss how the various stakeholders, from academia, to company boards and employees, should create the conditions to fill the gap of newly created roles and talent capabilities within the new business models and org. structures of sustainable mobility.

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  • What are the new emerging jobs in Mobility and Sustainability areas?
  • What kind of skills & capabilities will be needed in the mobility ecosystem to respond to the new business models and services?
  • Are academy, the company and the employees planning together or new talent and jobs.?
  • The role of the Academia offering training adapted to new roles and challenges in a sector that demands specific profiles and the development of specialized degrees.
  • How can train the organizations to its people to face the new challenges breaking down silos?
  • Are we facing a new paradigm that will require “different remuneration & benefits schemes” to attract the best talent to new functions in mobility and sustainability?
  • What does it take for the whole ecosystem to ensure that these new jobs are attractive enough for young talents?
  • What is the right open innovation approach for talent acquisition?

Leading the discourse

8 itineraries to content leadership, challenges and solutions of sustainable mobility will be led.