Mobility solutions for citizens

Future growth of new Mobility Services & Solutions will depend on speed of regulation, technological advancements and consumer adoption. How will the new mobility solutions respond in a more effectively and responsibly way to urban and rural societal changes and needs?

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New mobility solutions

Trends like user convenience, use vs vehicle ownership, cost-efficiency, choice and cities environmental developments (green / ZBE spaces) are at the heart of development and the transition towards more sustainable and flexible modes.

In this chapter, we will discuss how public transportation, shared mobility*, private use of vehicles and multimodality could evolve depending on technology, consumer attitudes, and environmental and safety regulations. Are we facing the next stage of Mobility development?

(*) shared mobility (hailed mobility, shared micro-mobility, car sharing, urban aerial mobility, mobility at demand, others).

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Shared Mobility | Public Transport | Car Sharing | Hailed Mobility | Mobility At Demand |Multimodal | Maas | Micro-Mobility | Public Policy & Regulation | Citizens Participatory Processes | Car Parking Space | Autonomous Vehicle | Urban Aerial Mobility | Urban | Rural | Periurban.

  • The role of public transportation in the new mobility offers for citizens.  Multimodality – public / private mobility services integration for citizens.
  • Redefining car ownership and insurance to unlock new mobility services.  Shared mobility. Shared economy.
  • Aligning regulation, technology advancements and consumer adoption for a future offer of mobility services. Different scenarios.
  • Are City green areas / ZBE, parking spaces, mobility hubs and EV infrastructure deployment accelerating demand for new use of vehicles and mobility services?
  • Is autonomous driving the solution for an efficient and convenient mobility for citizens in different environments?  
  • Technology acceleration on mobility solutions and services: geo-mapping, IA & Data science, on-line payments as drivers of solutions improvement.
  • How to create social awareness to promote faster adoption of new solutions. Customer Centric Solutions.
  • Rural mobility: How the new solutions will enhance the territorial balance facing the demographic, social, economic and environmental challenges. i.e. Mobility at demand

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