Better business for economic development

Are companies embracing sustainability as a core foundation for business strategy and governance?

Connecting economic, social and environmental progress.

ESG criteria and corporate strategies are being embraced and put at the heart of business operations to create sustained outcomes, tangible and practical, that drive value and growth, whilst strengthening the environment and society.

How far and how fast this is changing in organizations and trickling down to the real economy is a question to be answered by representatives of the most advanced companies within the expanded sustainable mobility ecosystem.

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  • EU Taxonomies: the creation of a common classification system for sustainable economic activities in order to meet the EU’s climate and energy targets for 2030 and reach the objectives of the European green deal.  
  • SRI (socially responsible investment criteria). How is the spread of SRI criteria in investment/asset management activities influencing companies’ behavior?
  • ESG deployment into organization. Introducing mandatory reporting for companies’ commitments and transparency. (CSRD - Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive).
  • ESG criteria applied to sustainable mobility, transportation, energy and infrastructures.
  • Sustainable investments. Investment flows continue to attract "green" finance that values ​​premiums well above non-sustainable investments. Is this compatible with short term profits?
  • Diversity, inclusivity, inequality? Mobility becomes essential to better business practices.
  • Supply chains will be a central issue to evaluate companies' sustainability scores progress.  Understanding how it will affect a strategic sector such as mobility is key.

Leading the discourse

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