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Is the automotive sector ready to lead the next wave of transformation in mobility?

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Leading the way of next stage of sustainable mobility.

The automotive industry is facing a profound transformation based on a faster-than-expected developments on consumer preferences, new mobility services, new energies / electrification, technology and environmental regulations to meet Net Zero Emissions targets.

In this chapter we will talk about how this transformation will require the alignment of Public – Private collaboration and the commitments from the main stakeholders, Industries and Institutions (EU, government and local Administration) to provide, at fast pace, infrastructures, charging networks and incentive plans to achieve common goals.

In addition, we will debate how Autonomous and Connected vehicles will provide a new paradigm on revenue and service offering as well as customer experience.

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  • Electrification: will the ecosystem be ready and aligned to achieve 2035 target on moving to 100% to Zero emissions vehicle sales? The challenge of reversing the current sales mix. Review of main challenges and level of readiness on Regulation, charges infrastructures, technology, batteries, electric cars autonomy and price, consumer adoption.
  • Connected vehicle will generate a new business model for the value chain and a new relationship with the user (consumer) How about the new business model: data driven services and ownership. Is the new golden egg – consumer experience - commercialisation?
  • Automotive industry is fully committed to a sustainable, efficient, intelligent and connected mobility. How the new business model and value chain conformation will be?
  • Technology is allowing to generate new added value services to consumers not necessarily link to vehicle ownership: How Automotive sector will face transformation on the go to market strategy?
  • Within a more complex and diversified mobility-industry landscape, incumbent players will be forced to compete simultaneously on multiple fronts and cooperate with competitors.
  • Future Retail – dealers business model: different scenarios. the “econcesionario”. New customer relationships. Is the network ready?
  • Usage based insurance: how insurance business will transform user coverage in a multimodal, shared mobility and pay per use models.
  • Geopolitical overview. European manufactures vs Chinese auto electric development and market expansion. Threat or opportunity.

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