What is DIGICOM?


What is DIGICOM?

DIGICOM is the leading trade fair for the graphics and visual communication industry on the Iberian Peninsula,

DIGICOM brings together more than 125 leading exhibitors representing the latest products and solutions from over 300 leading brands in a single space.

DIGICOM, held alongside Promogift, attracted more than 5,100 exclusively professional visitors in 2021.

DIGICOM has 10,000 square metres of exhibition space located in the best and most modern exhibition facilities in Southern Europe.

During DIGICOM there is a full programme of conferences and demonstrations that bring the latest trends to the professional public attending the event.

DIGICOM visitors

What they say about us?

Jorge Calvo, president of the organising committee, professor at ESADE and Globis University, has said that: “This first edition is fantastic. It is impressive to see the amount of machinery and exhibitors that there are, especially with practical applications and examples of future business solutions and applications.”

Amparo García, commercial director of Serviprinter, says: "We are very happy with the organisation, which has been fantastic to us, because we have been to many other fairs and with this one we have had some of our highest quality experiences as far as fairs go."

Javier Rodriguez, general director of the Panorama group, said of DIGICOM that: “We have been very excited to attend the fair. We were waiting for a professional meeting at a venue with the capacity to host industrial equipment. We are very happy that there is finally a strong contender here in Madrid.”

Jorge Suberviola, CEO of Swissqprint, says that: "We had all been waiting years for a fair like this, an event that would provide a professional boost in a location suitable for our teams, which are quite large."

Santi Navarro, general director of STM Grupo Mastertec, explains that: "What I would highlight most about DIGICOM is the facilities. A fair for this sector in facilities like these was needed in Madrid."

Anabela Mendes Event Organizer at Digidelta, comments: “For a first edition, it has been very good. The IFEMA space has the optimal conditions for any event of this kind.”

Ana Mena, founder of Integral Solutions for the Labelist, says: "I think the fair is quite well organised. I was particularly impressed by IFEMA's assembly and disassembly facilities, and the commercial support it has provided to us has also been excellent."

Pablo Silvestre, commercial manager of Perez Camps in Madrid, says: “Our impression of this first edition of DIGICOM is very positive. It is very well organised. ”