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Ecoforest and the photovoltaic revolution with heat pump

There are increasingly more photovoltaic installations and it is increasingly more important to integrate the different systems to make them more efficient, and thus meet the proposed CO2 emission reduction goals. Ecoforest has developed and added to all of their heat pumps a photovoltaic energy management that is unique in the world.

13 Sep 2021

The key is to transform the photovoltaic surplus into thermal energy, that is much easier and cheaper to store, “because all that is needed is a volume of water, which we already have with thermal installations (hot water tanks, radiant floors, thermal inertia, pools, etc)”, as explained by Ecoforest.

The heat pump automatically changes the set points of all of the thermal demands of the installation when there is a photovoltaic surplus. “In other words, it goes from base thermal set points to new surplus thermal set points.

At Ecoforest they explain that “the foundation of the technology for our photovoltaic management is that, thanks to all of our years of experience in managing and developing software and control strategies for variable power compressors (Inverter technology), in our case we can guarantee that electricity from the grid is never used when we have a photovoltaic surplus”.

With this change throughout its range of products, Ecoforest presents its new range +, that includes “the most advanced management of photovoltaic energy with heat pump on the market, with no need for additional accessories”.