What is C&R?

What is C&R?

C&R is the major international benchmark event for the Air Conditioning, Heating, Plumbing, Ventilation, Industrial and Commercial Cooling sectors in Spain.

Technological evolution, optimisation and control of facilities, reduction in energy expenditure and care for the environment make C&R an ideal business platform to accelerate and revitalise the market.

The 20% increase in numbers of international visitors and the professional background of the participants, who are highly qualified, consolidate C&R as an essential event for the sector.



Why visit?

  • 4 days of intense business contacts with the Industry.
  • Obtain all of the information on the existing specialised commercial offer in the Spanish and international market, under one roof and concentrated in 4 days of work.
  • Initiate, continue or close purchase processes and orders with the entire distribution channel at C&R.
  • Build a business network: Register on the Professional Meeting Point and use our Meeting Agenda service with all the other exhibitors at the trade fair.
  • Schedule meetings with current and potential suppliers.
  • Visit and strengthen business relations with current suppliers.
  • Directly analyse and verify the features of the products/services of potential new suppliers.
  • Compare directly the features of the entire offering.
  • The ideal place to check out sector and consumer trends.
  • Search and learn about new features, technologies and services.
  • The chance to attend conferences, seminars and parallel activities, which are an undeniable source of information on the sector trends and evolution.
  • C&R is a key instrument for your company when it comes to showing an image of purchasing power.
  • Sign distribution agreements for products/ services.
  • Offer the necessary information to evaluate the possibilities of a future participation as exhibitor.

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