Innovation gallery


Innovation gallery

The primary goal of Innovation Gallery is to support the introduction and promotion of new products presented at the fair, particularly noteworthy for their innovative features.

The idea behind the Innovation Gallery is to encourage innovation in the practical application of know-how and technologies in industrial development, while also underscoring and popularising significant advances in this new material. This is coupled by our desire to recognise and promote the continuous research work undertaken by businesses in this industrial sector.

In its ongoing work to act as a commercial springboard and meeting place for the industry, with its new Innovation Gallery CLIMATIZACIÓN Y REFRIGERACIÓN provides an added value to exhibitors and visitors with this exhibition of cutting-edge introductions in the sector.

GOALS: Boost, promote and popularise innovative commercialisable products, presented at CLIMATIZACIÓN Y REFRIGERACIÓN 2019,

incorporating advances in technology, design and other new features worth highlighting, in air conditioning, heating, ventilation and refrigeration.