What is Antik Passion ALMONEDA Navidad?

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What is Almoneda Antik Passion?

ANTIK PASSION Almoneda Navidad, is the collector and art and decoration enthusiast meeting with the longest tradition in Spain.

In December 2021 we will be celebrating the next edition of this eclectic trade fair, which brings together all sorts of styles and periods in a friendly and busy environment, with a focus on the search for original, special, decorative pieces.... the latest in antiques

What will we find at ANTIK PASSION Almoneda Novidad?

For decoration enthusiasts: dressers, sofas, armchairs, desks, lamps, dishes, liquor cabinets, carpets…

For collectors and special object enthusiasts: typewriters, toys, old postcards and posters, military medals, siphon bottles, walking canes, scientific objects, marine and sports objects: racquets, balls, table-pool balls, boxing gloves, skates...

For art collectors: paintings and sculptures of all styles, from the 18th century to the latest artists, as well as photographs, graphic works and Japanese engravings.

For fashion and style enthusiasts: a wide variety of fashion jewellery, jewellery, hats, stoles, coats, old lace shawls and veils, glasses, handbags and many accessories that outline the latest trends.

ANTIK PASSION Almoneda Navidad is a universe of interesting articles to take home with you.

Next Editions

ANTIK PASSION Almoneda Christmas Edition, Antiques, Art Galleries and Collecting Fair, organized by IFEMA Madrid, celebrates its next edition from December 15 to 19, 2021.

ANTIK PASSION Almoneda Spring Edition, Antiques, Art Galleries and Collecting Fair, organized by IFEMA Madrid, will celebrate this edition from March 19 to 27, showing itself as the best commercial showcase for the antiques sector in Spain.

Why visit Almoneda Antik Passion?

Antik Passion ALMONEDA Navidad is the ideal place to buy furniture and decorative objects from other periods, pieces that give a touch of style and personality to your home, office etc. This is an essential event for collectors, where you will find what you need to complete your collection. Almoneda Navidad is also a great showcase for high-level contemporary art and for current artists, with their work being available at very competitive prices. It is also a unique vintage market for clothing, costume jewellery and accessories.