What is ANTIK Almoneda?

Couple touring the fair

What is Almoneda Antik?

ANTIK Almoneda is the meeting with collecting and art and decoration lovers with more tradition in our country.

The next edition of this eclectic fair will be held from March 22 to 30, 2025, bringing together different styles and periods in a relaxed and bustling atmosphere, where the search for original, special, decorative pieces... antiques of the latest trends is a priority.

What will be at ANTIK Almoneda?

For decoration lovers: chests of drawers, sofas, armchairs, desks, lamps, tableware, decanters, carpets...

For those who love collecting and unique objects: typewriters, toys, antique postcards and posters, military decorations, siphons, walking sticks, scientific, nautical and sporting objects: rackets, balls, billiard balls, boxing gloves, skates...

For art lovers: painting and sculpture of all styles, from the 18th century to the most modern artists, as well as photography, graphic works and Japanese engravings.

For fashion and style lovers: a wide variety of costume jewelry, jewelry, headdresses, stoles, coats, mantillas and antique veils, glasses, handbags and many accessories that set the latest trends. ANTIK Almoneda is a universe of proposals to take home.

antique barber chairs

Why visit ANTIK Almoneda?

ANTIK Almoneda is the ideal place to buy furniture and decorative objects from other periods, pieces that give a touch of style and personality to your home, office etc. This is an essential event for collectors, where you will find what you need to complete your collection.

ANTIK Almoneda is also a great showcase for high-level contemporary art and for current artists, with their work being available at very competitive prices. It is also a unique vintage market for clothing, costume jewellery and accessories.