Why exhibit?

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Why exhibit?

Antik Passion ALMONEDA is the most important national fair in the sector, where 136 antique dealers, auctions and art galleries meet and around 20,000 art and antiques fans come to buy collector's pieces, art etc.

Antik Passion ALMONEDA is the most complete sales, advertising and marketing tool for your business, allowing you to combine marketing and commercial action with the best cost-effectiveness to reach your customers and potential buyers in the fastest, most direct way.

What can you achieve?

  • Sales:

Start, continue and close sales at the fair and throughout the year as your customers turn to you in search of the pieces they want.

Additional sales through Marketplace Almoneda Digital on eBay, a distribution channel that is only available with your participation at ANTIK PASSION Almoneda.

Create and complete a customer database with new contacts which may lead to sales.

  • Professional contacts: interior designers, architects, decorators, collection consultants etc.

Schedule meetings with current and potential customers.

Ensure customer loyalty.

Present new lines and hear customer opinion.

Win back customers.

  • Trade channel:

Sell to other antique dealers and galleries. Identify and establish new alliances.

Advertise your image and products to facilitate future agreements.

  • Market study:

Test new products and specialties.

  • Brand and business positioning:

Create and/or reinforce the knowledge of your brand.

Position and/or reposition the brand.

  • Media:

Be at the forefront of media coverage with new developments that attract interest.

Use your products as a way to be a part of the fair’s official communications to the media – press, radio and television as well as in the digital media – the online press and social media platforms.