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22 diciembre 2018

Parma Point - The plesure of discovery the provences of Parma and Piacenza

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The province of Parma boats many good quality: a region with a strong identity and long-standing traditions that shape the numeroseous opportunities offered to visitors. It is a plaesure to get to know and discover every aspect of this region: experience a subtle range of emotions and fall in love after just one glimpse.

Our knowledge of the area and the selection of partners like castles, maze of Masone, food museums, parks and several collaborators among dairies, ham factories and wineries allow us to modulate the proposals according to different requirements.

Art and culture: Parma and its province, an area with all the signs of ages past, treasures by renowned masters of painting and music, the mystery and legends of ladies and knights. Numerous masterpieces, precious sacred artefacts, architecture from the war period and stately homes dotting the region from plain to Apennines.

Taste: a fertile land with a wealth of world-famous food and wines, the province of Parma boasts an extensive food and fastronomic tradition. It is easy to visit the place where those specialities are produced, to choose a good restaurant whre you can taste Parma ham, Parmesan cheese, Felino salame, Culatello from Zibello, wine from Parma hills and porcini mushrooms from Borgotaro.

Sport and nature: for those who love nature, cucling, trekking, golf, modern sports o who simply wish to enjoy a relaxing holiday, Parma and its territory offer many sports events, traditional fétes, as well as different types of accomodation to suit all tastes (hotels, country homes and relais accomodation, Castles), set in a natural charming enviroment.

Wellness and leisure time: the province of Parma is a spa region par excellece - that was already well established in Roman times. The area is brimming with centres for thermal treatments and wellness facilities, nestling in lush green hills, an oasis of peace full of cultural and social events held on historical-artistic routes with a vast choice of interesting outings.