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05 July 2024

Óskar Huidobro (ASOMA): The use of wood in windows is an effective way to enhance the efficiency and comfort of homes.

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Óscar Huidobro, vice-president of ASOMA (the Spanish Association of Wood and Composite Window Manufacturers) and member of the VETECO 2024 organising committee, states in the following interview that the use of wood in windows is of great importance due to its ecological and sustainable credentials, as well as its ability to enhance energy efficiency and comfort in homes.

Is wood important for windows?

Wood in windows is significant for a number of reasons. The material is a natural, renewable and biodegradable option that is environmentally friendly and sustainable. Furthermore, it provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties, contributing to energy efficiency and home comfort. The aesthetic value of wood is also significant, bringing warmth and elegance to any space. Finally, several studies have demonstrated the health benefits of wood.

How can we make the most of the advantages and benefits?

Wood offers several distinct advantages, including thermal and acoustic insulation, sustainability, durability, aesthetics and health benefits. In terms of thermal and acoustic insulation, this material is an excellent natural insulator, which helps to maintain a constant interior temperature and reduce exterior noise. When applied to the enclosures, this produces excellent results. In terms of sustainability, wood is a renewable resource that supports the growth of sustainable forestry practices. Additionally, it is a circular, natural and sustainable material.

Another advantage is the product’s durability. The latest advances in finishes and treatments have made wood an extremely durable and weather-resistant material, requiring minimal care to achieve the longest durability. From an aesthetic perspective, the natural beauty of this product adds an elegant and welcoming touch to any space. The extensive range of wood species, finishes and textures allows us to offer an enclosure that suits every customer's taste. Furthermore, wood's natural qualities encourage us to interact with it, fostering a connection with nature. And it's healthy, too. The product does not emit toxic substances and helps regulate indoor humidity, thereby improving air quality. It has been demonstrated that there are tangible benefits to living with wood, both physically and mentally.

When should I use mixed wood/aluminium windows?

In situations where the benefits of both wood and aluminium are desired, mixed windows, which combine the two materials on the inside and outside, are recommended. These products are ideal for use in extreme climates or areas with high exposure to inclement weather. These windows are an excellent choice for those who want the aesthetic appeal and comfort of wood indoors.

What is the future of the window industry? What will be the main challenges for manufacturers of mixed windows and wood windows?

The timber and composite window industry is undergoing constant evolution, driven by innovation and sustainability. In recent times, there have been significant advances in wood technology. These include the development of more durable wood treatments, designs that optimise energy efficiency and the introduction of more sustainable manufacturing technologies. However, manufacturers face a number of challenges, including the need to balance sustainability with affordability, adapt to increasingly stringent environmental regulations and educate the market about the benefits of wood over other materials.

How does the sector help the environment?

The selection of wooden windows represents not only an aesthetic and functional decision, but also a commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability. The use of wooden windows can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of buildings and support sustainable forest management. Furthermore, they contribute to the growth of the local economy and provide employment opportunities in forest communities. Wood in the construction and renovation of buildings can significantly enhance the quality of life of the occupants, thanks to its health-promoting properties and its ability to create more comfortable and welcoming indoor environments.